Positive Action Positive Vision | Bahria Town Karachi

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision”
~ Positive Quotes

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  1. Majid Hasan says:

     Bahria Town Karachi

    Subject: Positive Action Positive Vision
    Dear Sir,
    I am keenly interested in your Program. Last 6 years I want a forum and platform there are I have mention Vision. Bahria Town is the big organization of the country, but it not move as the current age requirement, or as Karachi demand, Karachi having different demographic norms it is an industrial city fastest mind innovative ideas each and every ting are very very fast here. Somewhere BTK follows it but up to the lip service, I have an Idea “THE WORKSHOP” I have 18 years of Industrial experience this Idea conceive with all of this experience, it base on industrial and social life that build up the innovator idealist. But before describing the whole IDEA I need an amount 2 CAROR if you are will to pay it before then should contact.
     Hope you shall contact me as earlier as possible for Positive action Positive vision.
    Thanking yours,
    Syed Majid Hasan.

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