How To Officially Transfer/Sale Your Bahria Town Karachi Registration Slips

As per news given by, Bahria Town Karachi has started Registration Verification Process from 4th November 2013. So, here is the complete information about how to officially Transfer/Sale your Bahria Town Karachi Registration Slips.

For more updates  or any query, kindly email at

How To Officialy TransferSale Your Bahria Town Karachi Registration Slips


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  1. A Khan says:

    How an overseas Pakistani who has registration slip can open registration without visiting Bahria town office??

  2. Dr. Syed Fazal Shah says:

    Dear Shaikh Sahib, can you please help me in providing info on Bahria Icon (Clifton) I am interested in booking an office. How much is total cost, what is the payment schedule, how much down and each installment.

    Looking forward to get your complete info on my personal email

    best regards

    Dr Syed Fazal Shah

  3. S.B.Raza says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested to purchase Bahria Town Karachi project registration transfar.

    Best Regards,


    i have registration of bahria town karachi and want to sell it any offer ?

  5. Ayaz says:

    Any one who sale his registration please contact me

  6. naveed says:

    Any date of confirmation when location ll be announced?

  7. Nayyar Abbas says:

    An Excellent way of minting and looting money by the greedy business tycoons, such a business practice must be stopped and heavy penalties must be imposed on Bahria Town for opening doors of such a white color business crime. People of Pakistan must stop their black greed and should condemn such a fraudulent tool of usurping moeny from the public.

  8. Abdul Razzak Yousuf says:

    I am residing in Doha Qatar and do not have any plan to visit Karachi in near future. How to keep my registration intact? Kindly advise

  9. Sheheryar Khan says:

    Where is bahria town Karachi located I still didn’t know?


    i want to sell my bahria town registration . any one want to buy plz send your offer.

  11. BS says:

    I have receipts for all three projects and wish to sell them. As of today, my demand is as follows:

    Bahria Town Icon: 400,000 (ON-MONEY)
    Bahria Town Tower: 350,000 (ON-MONEY)
    Bahria Town Karachi (Commercial Plot): 100,000 (ON-MONEY)
    Bahria Town Karachi (Residential Plot): 50,000 (ON-MONEY)

    I can be reached @ 0336-0315951.

  12. noor says:

    i was actually waiting for the booking form. what is this new thing as registration sale? is booking already done and may be i missed???????please anybody comment on this?

    • Mohammad says:

      Bhai, booking is far away. Now they are encouraging a corrupt practice to officially help people in making money by selling their registration slips for 2 lacs or so.

      This works in a simple method.

      Step 1:
      Grab ID cards of your friends, family members and others who are not interested or cannot buy plots.

      Step 2:
      You go and apply in name of ID card holders. During selection many applications are rejected but in case you get selected for registration and gets confirmed then you get right for allotment of plot.

      Step 3:
      Since your objective was never to pay for plot so you start selling your registration slips in market. This slip only entitles you for allotment process but does not guarantee that you will be given a plot.

      Step 4:
      Lastly, whether or not you get plot after buying registration parchee, registration seller makes his profit and management gets more fee income as “registration transfer”.

      Step 5:
      If no allotment then you lose money paid to registration seller BUT if you get alloted, then you start selling its file and to do so, you start from step 1.

      It is like selling full bakra, its skin, skull, intestines,etc.

      Pakistan zindabad.

  13. i ve 3 residential and three commercial slips of bahria town khi plz give me offer for sell

  14. Naeem says:

    I have two slips for sale , give me offer

  15. Bilal says:

    Please offer cost of registration slips of all category

  16. i ve bahria tower slip give me offer?

  17. Hassam says:

    Hello. I have 6 Slips of
    1- Bahria Town Karachi (residential and Commercial)

    And One Slip
    2 – Bahira Icon( Shop)

    i am looking to sell some of the slips as Rates are Quiet High.

    Please give me your Offer in reply. Individuals and Real state Agents, Both are welcome.


  18. Umar Farid says:

    I have Got 1 Lac offer today refused.waiting for more better price

  19. Aziz Ahmed Memon says:

    I like to sale my registration

  20. Chaudhry says:

    I want to sell my Behria town registration slip. Best offer

  21. altaf ahmed says:

    i want to sale my residential and commercial plots slips in bahria town, waiting for best offer

  22. Salman says:

    I want to sell my registration slip. if any one interested text me ur demand at 0315-2595708

  23. Umair KK says:

    I am waiting for selling….!!!

  24. dilawar khan says:

    i am real estate agent DILAWAR KHAN

  25. danish shahid says:

    i have 25 certificates any budy intersted contact me on 03002212147

  26. Rukhsana says:

    I want to sell my 10 registration slip (karachi). if any one interested send us demand at 0315-2595708


  27. Rukhsana says:

    I want to sell my 10 registration slip (karachi). if any one interested send us demand at 03002637034

  28. Salman says:

    i want to sell @ 215K anyone interested then text me at 0315-2595708

  29. Munkir says:

    Hold your open registrations and do not sell until atleast 2 months. Price will go up definitely.

  30. malik saeed says:

    i wanna sell my slip of bahria town residention may contact on 03008674601

  31. Iqbal says:

    Please what is your demand and how many slips do you have.
    Thank you,

  32. Hammmad says:

    I am interested to buy registration slip if anyone is selling.

  33. alirazashaikh says:

    [Breaking News] Bahria Town Karachi Located Revealed!

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