Bahria Town to Build World’s 3rd Biggest Mosque in Karachi

Bahria Town is going to build a mosque in Karachi which will be the third largest mosque of the world, after the Masjid-ul-Haram, Makkah, and Masjid-e-Nabavi, Madina, and the largest one in the non-Arab world.

Bahria Town to Build World’s 3rd Biggest Mosque in Karachi

With regard to their sanctity, no mosque can be holier than Masjid-ul-Haram and Masjid-e-Nabavi, therefore, the mosque to be built in Bahria Town would in effect be the largest in the rest of the world.

The mosque, which will accommodate around 800,000 people at a time, is going to be built by renowned architect Nayyar Ali Dada, who would also keep in view the architecture of the mosques of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The mosque will cost billions of rupees. The material used in the mosque will be of high quality and the best air conditioning system will be installed there.

Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz Hussain said that the mosque would be constructed in the shortest possible time. He vowed to allocate all resources to construct the mosque, and hoped that Allah Almighty would help him in this endeavour.

Malik Riaz Hussain has built the seventh largest mosque of the world in Lahore’s Bahria Town in the shortest possible period. Renowned religious scholar, Maulana Tariq Jamil, led the Friday prayers followed by more than 100,000 believers there recently.

The mosque is a representative of the culture of Pakistan and Islam, and can accommodate around 70,000 Muslims. Malik Riaz Hussain has now requested the nation to help him in constructing the third largest mosque of the world in Karachi. He pledged that he would use the bounty conferred by Allah Almighty on him in building the mosque which would be an emblem of Islamic culture.

He said that an Islamic Centre and a museum will also be affiliated with this mosque. Here, holy antiques, ancient Quranic manuscripts, books carrying the explanation of the Quran and Islamic books will also be placed.

In the third largest mosque of the world in Karachi, an Islamic institution will be organised where leading scholars will give lectures and international moots will also be arranged.

Moreover, CCTV cameras, walkthrough gates and a state-of-the-art air conditioning plant will also be installed, in addition to chandeliers. An institute of Islamic research will also be created.

The project was initiated in Karachi by prominent philanthropist Malik Riaz Hussain at the outset of the current year, the construction is going on expeditiously, and the response from the public is also unprecedented. No other national construction project has been completed with such a speed as Bahria Towns of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The third largest mosque of the world to be built in Karachi’s Bahria Town will have modern thermal power house, air conditioning and water systems. The mosque will also carry clean water for ablution and washing purposes.

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  1. Sahibzada Anees says:

    It is indeed a noble cause which deserves appreciation. But to be very honest, had I been at Malik sahibs place, I would have preferred to build a world class hospital and university rather then building worlds third largest mosque. Though the mosque will bring more fame, Allah Subhanatala will be much happier to see his beings getting better education and health care. Like Faisal Mosque, less Eid prayers, it will be remain empty through out the year with no practical utility. The mosques are in abundance and as a nation we need education n healthcare. I will appreciate if my comments are put across to Malik Sahib.

  2. Ahmad says:

    Anees, I appreciates your comments, and really wish if Malik Sahib also gives emphasis to build hospital and the high standard research oriented Medical Universities, that can provide the deserving candidates for higher education and at the same time the needy people medical facilities at affordable expenses.

    But at the same time we cannot ignore the importance of the Mosque in a Muslim community.. I wish if Malik Sahib brings the Islamic scholars with a clear concept of Islam that is Quran wa Sunnah only, belive me it will change our life altogather… My experince of living in Arabic penesula have given me the real joy of practicng Islam and staying away from our rituals fabricated by our moulvies. It will streamline our dunya and akhira Insha Allah.

  3. Riazuddin says:

    I greatly appreciate the comments of both the guys. Education, health care and research centre are no doubt need of the hours. I think we should not say that Mosque should not be built as it’s Allah Subhanawatala’s house. Allah has bestowed Malik Riaz so much that he can spend money one each and every needy things as well as mentioned above. I sincerely hope that Malik Riaz will surely look at the stated advices and announce soon some more projects.

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  5. Afzal says:

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