Bahria Town Karachi – Full Updated Master Plan 2018

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Bahria Town Karachi – Full Updated Master Plan 2018

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  1. tauseef h usmani says:

    Is the the map SC approved ??

  2. Aftab Shah says:

    Any rumor or update of Prescient 23= A homes 125 yards. No clarification from Bahria management earned its reputation down and owners in Pakistan and overseas who have fully paid in Feb 2018 are very much discourage. This seems to be the general practice of builders in Pakistan but Bahria always claims to be different.

    • Rashid says:

      23A people are selling on basic price because its very long term plan
      In near future between 2 years no plan to establish

  3. Hanif says:

    I have plot in precient 26 A street 3 plot no# 69 is it bhariya or dustubed area ?

  4. Adnan Yakub says:

    Bhai Malik Riaz,
    My plot is in precinct 33 as per ballot. On 28 th November 2019, I visited Bahria town head office, there I met GM Riaz, he opened his laptop and told me that my plot is out of the boundary, therefore apply for refund. I immediately applied for refund online on the same day.
    When there was NO REPLY, I went back to GM Riaz. This time, he said, yes my plot is very much on ground. I said, it was NOT on ground till 28th November 2019. How come, it’s again on ground? He said Precinct 33 map has been revised/ changed. You are requested to send me latest precinct 33 map for my record.

  5. Usman says:

    janab Malik Saab

    Allah ka wasta ha yeh bata doo k muj ko plot kub milay ga

    Precinct 32A plots

    mayri sarari jamamunjii ha

    Allah say darooo

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