Bahria Town Karachi – Full Updated Master Plan 2021

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Bahria Town is the force turning the vision of a modern Pakistan into reality. Bahria Town has been shaping landscapes and lives since the company’s inception in 1996. After delivering iconic projects and futuristic developments with world-class amenities, facilities and infrastructure to the scale of ‘a city within a city’ in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore, Bahria Town now comes to Karachi. Here is the complete Master Plan of Bahria Town Karachi:

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  1. Raheel says:

    I hope they don’t get law-suited by the landmark owners of Eifel Tower, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty. Being a multi-billion dollar organization, you would think they would have the brains to use the word ‘replica’.

    • Aamer says:

      If they don’t use the world replica, do you think someone will confuse it with the original ? Lols. Nice point though. They should follow the rules

    • Inamullah Khan says:

      Very well said bro!
      Instead of copying someone’s efforts and building replica, they should think about something new that could be an iconic for this country as well as BT.

    • Titu Nangi says:

      Eiffel, who held the copyright for the tower, died in 1923, meaning it ran out 70 years later, in 1993. At this point, the likeness and design of the tower were allowed to enter the public domain, hence why you can find a replica, built in 1999, in Las Vegas.

  2. Dawood says:

    Very few 125 sq. yard plots – how are they going to accommodate everyone?

  3. salimurrehman says:

    asif zardari is partner in bahria town. Bahria Town cannot be developed or peaceful hand over to geniune buyers as long corrupt partners are there. Allottees cannot talk to Bahria Town Customer services Department in karachi, due to FAKE telephone Land lines numbers.Its going to be the BIGGEST FRAUD SCANDAL in this world . ALLAH RAHAM KARAY ,GHAREEB AWAAM PER.I wish to get the BEST ,but above FACTS cannot be IGNORED.

    • waheed says:

      This is true u cant call . And there is nobody who can confirm that money as been received.I am in canada and tried my best to contact karachi office and its not possible..I paid two instalments and no.confirmation.NO CONTACT EVEN YOU TRY TO CALL THE OFFICE.

      • Jawaid says:

        I have a 500 sq yds and every time I call I get through. Yes they wont confirm payments for very long time after it is made but I think they are just being careful. Also Waheed if couldn’t confirm first payment why did you pay the second?
        I would be glad if Asif Z was a partner. In Pakistan things only with people with strings get pull through. . .

        • Imran Sheikh says:

          Sad that for a petty personal gain you are willing to deal with known crooks. This lack of standards is what is taking this country down.

      • Usman says:

        Send email at they reply within 2 working days.

        • Sajjad hashmi says:

          Keep patients..this is Bahria Town… I sent my quary in 1st.
          Week of November 2017 to Karachi, Dubai, and personally visited Rawalpindi/Islamabad office but till this moment havnt received any kind of reply. Leave it Allah SubhanAllah Ta’ala.
          GOod Luck my friend.

        • Mbabbasi says:

          Yes You write to they will reply to you with in two days . I also have a plot , Now development working started inshaallah it will be completed … Thanx (M.BASHIR)

      • Babar says:

        You can try email. My experience of email with bahria has been very positive.

  4. waheed says:

    Did somebody tried to call ?I never got any answer.they never answer. Pls I will suggest dont pay instalment if u dont get any receipt or confirmation from BT.I tried many times to call but no answer.


  5. farhan tanvir says:

    Any one selling 125 sqr plot

  6. T M Baig says:

    I am trying to email/call BTK head office since one week but in vain.There is no reply to my calls or emails. Can someone please give me the contact number of the BTK finance department.

  7. Masoood Shah says:

    i have tried hundred times to call but no one to reply it. my cell no is 0333 061 7942 please

  8. Masoood Shah says:

    i have tried hundred times to call but no one to reply it. my cell no is 0333 961 7942 please.. No repeat. 0333 961 7942

  9. Faisal Khan says:

    I want to sell 125 sq plot, serious buyers could be contact on this number.03345321742

  10. Johny John says:

    any one interested in 500sq plot in precinct 29

  11. Sikander Qureshi says:

    My email address is

  12. Muddasasr Tanvir says:

    I have 1 kanal plot for sale in Precinct 9, comes with free randi 😉

  13. tahir says:

    i am want buy plot precinct no. 10,11,12,15,16,24,25,26,28,and 37 [pl let know] all detail. thank you

  14. Saleem says:

    I Want to sell my 250 square yard PLOT in princint 30. Serious buyers may contact on 0333 3523446.

  15. Sajjad hashmi says:

    I would like to sell my Pricent 1, overseas Block, plot # 271, street 7, plot is 2 side open, plot on the ground, ready for possession & can built immediately, nearby functional mosque, very near to entrance,. Iam the first owner, all dues clear, No brokers please. Asking price is 12.5 million plus 16 paid installment. Documention can complete at Karachi / Islamabad office.

  16. MOHAMMAD IRFAN says:

    sir i need plote in p12 250sq in 50 and 49 sereies

    • Assalam u Alaikum,

      we will give you plot in this series
      kindly contact with me on belwo mention details

      Thank You.
      Best Regards:
      Hunain Haroon
      CITI Associates

  17. naveed iqbal says:

    sir, please contact with i m serious buyer 03062201072 naveed iqal

    • Sajjad hashmi says:

      Dear Naveed…thank you for your email. At the moment iam out of the country, will back in Pakistan Saturday 09 feb 2018. Sure I will be in touch with you then.
      You are in Pakistan or abroad and which city?

      Regards and have a nice evening.

  18. Atif says:

    Anyone knows what precinct will the upcoming balloted homes be assigned to? The balloting that takes place on 10th May 2018. Also any idea on the current price for an unballoted 200sqyds home all paid?

  19. ali umair says:

    I have 2 plots in Precinct 12 (ali block) 125 yrds. Both plots are very close to park.
    1 plot in Precinct 10 B
    1 plot in Precinct 25 A

  20. Hafeez Ahmed says:

    I want to sale 125sq yard residential plot in precinct 28 full paid
    Demand 32 lac final
    Cell #03015336580

  21. Faizan says:

    Hi , I would like to know if there is a Precinct 29-C , 250 YDS plots available


  22. Noman says:

    Please upload P32A map.

  23. kamran says:

    hello everyone
    i want to sail my 250 yard plot in p-32 on road 23 close to school park and mosque. looking for urgent sail
    full installment paid.
    text me on 03333703022

  24. Arsalan Ahmed says:

    I want to purchase 2 plots of 250 sq/yd. Not necessarily together but must be in same precinct.

    • Sajjad hashmi says:

      Plot # 271, street# 7, princent #1 overseas block, 250sqyds for urgent sale.demond 13 millions. Serious buyers please. Mob: +92 3235265010.

    • Zahid ali says:

      I have 250yard plot in bahria paradise percent 52
      6 installment just now paid
      Cell no 0321 2023438

  25. Sajjad says:

    I want to sail my plot 125sq yds in prencint 15 b. All 16 instalments paid
    Contact me at this mob and e- mail
    Sajjad 03225576233

  26. Parvez says:

    Does anyone know the future of Precinct 42 Bahria Sports City? I heard that Supreme Court has stay order on these Precincts and everyone will be going to loose money if they have plots in those problematic precincts.

  27. Saleem says:

    I want to sell my 250yds plot in P-30 Plot #1503, Street 31 & a plot in plot in P-47 250 yds. Serious buyers may contact WhatsApp # 0333 3523446.


  28. SALEEM says:

    250 square yards plots for sale on 25% profit of total amount paid
    1. P-30, Plot # 1503 street 31 very close to Avenue 27 & Jinnah Avenue.
    2. P-47, Plot # 210, loop road very close to Avenue 01. 05 installments paid.

    Interested may contact on mobile # 0333-3523446 or WhatsApp on this mobile number

  29. Syed Ali says:

    I Want to sell my 250 square yards full paid plot in princint 22.

    Transfer can take place in Dubai or Karachi.

    Serious buyers please contact through whatsapp on the following number
    Or email me at


    Syed Ali

  30. Anees Shoukat says:

    I Want to sell 125 square yards plot in princint 26-A.

    Transfer from lahore.

    Serious buyers please contact +92-334-4033694

  31. Rana Imran says:

    I live in Saudi Arabia. I have two sons. Their exam will finish in May. I wanted to get admission for my sons in Grade 8. Can you tell me what is the fee structure and can you tell me when they can get admission

  32. Abdul Mateen says:

    I have 125 sq yrd plot in 29-B should I hold or sell it as per the map location is not good.

    • Syed Hussain says:

      Dont sale just hold it.many peoples said they lost new precient land which are 29a to 33d if it is true, according to supreme court dececion they must have to compensate in other precient. If they won’t compensate will go to supreme court one more time and now they will treat like nawaz sharif and zardari.inshallah just trust on justic

  33. Kafayat says:

    I have 125 Sq Yards in Precinct 32-A,BTKP. Want to get Advise should i hold it or move to some other Precinct. Thanks.

  34. Hasan says:

    I am selling 125 sq yard, precint 29A, all paid. Anyone interested contact me: 03365204313

  35. M. Iqbal says:

    Dear Hasan,

    What is your demand and whats plot no.


  36. Arif says:

    Please let me know the cost of 250 sq yards corner plot in P46

  37. Sanaullah says:

    Is anyone selling 125 sq yard plot, Please confirm as i need two , not necesary both should be together ?

  38. kamran says:

    i want to sail my 250 yard plot in P-32 full paid
    close to park,school,mosque and commercial
    on 60′ wide road 23

  39. Ali Ahmad says:

    If you need cash and unable to sell your plot due to market situation, then I can offer you cash against your plot at investor price.

  40. Fahad says:

    my plot in Bahria Town – Sports City Karachi in precent 45.
    And I am very confus that what I can do.

    Mostly people said you lost your money I have paid 10 installments out of 16.

    Please guide what will do.

    • Dear prospect,

      Since the demarcation issue was raised, the many file holders of sports city and paradise believed in choosing the merging policy and they did.

      On the other hand, Bahria management says for completing all the 16 installments and they will certainly deliver what they have committed for.

      While standing on the subject, the sports city and paradise file holders so far have 04 options such as:

      1. Refund Policy: By choosing this policy you may claim for your deposited money, the amount would be returned back to you after a certain time with a deduction of 25%.

      2. Sell your file: You may also sell your file to a Bahria market, the market will deduct 38% to 40% and the rest amount will be paid back to you.

      3. Merger Policy: Through this one, you may adjust your all deposited money into other private commercial or residential project, not a single penny will be deducted. As a matter of fact, 100% of the paid amount would be merged.

      4. Wait and watch: By selecting this option, you shall have to pay all the remaining installments, and of course after completion of the booking plan, Bahria will provide your plot to you.

      Kindly let us know if we could assist you more.

      Thanking you.

      Yours sincerely,
      Ghansham Bhatia
      CITI ASSOCIATES “serving your interest”
      +92 320 82 99 124

  41. Danish says:


    I want to buy 125 YRD plot in Ali block range between 32 to 35. Direct owner please contact with me on what’s app 0334 3867393


  42. syed hasan irshad rizvi says:

    i am a senior citizen,retired from semi govt dept.At the begining i applied for 500 sq yard plot and in draw my name was there.I paid all the instalment but at the 1st ballating my name was not there.Then after long time in another ballating i was alloted a plot in precint 33A.I am stonished why my name was not in 1st ballating

  43. Rifat idrees says:

    Yeh want to ask the valley map
    I have two plots and in map valley c is not clear

  44. Asim Rizvi says:

    looking for 125 Sq Yds plot in p 31 please contact if anyone direct owner –

  45. Jawaid Ali says:

    Aslam O Alaikum Sir/Madam,

    I hope this message finds you well in health.

    This is Jawaid Ali and I deal in Bahria Town Karachi, Gwadar Golf City and ASF City. Kindly share your whatsApp contact details in order to get latest updates about prices, latest development status and upcoming projects. We have very good investment opportunities of Buying/Selling both our all work is client based.

    For further Sale/Purchase/Assessment of Bahria Town Karachi Property/Gwadar/DHA/DHA City/ASF City and other updates kindly provide your WhatsApp contact details.


    Contact @ +923208299002
    Also visit our website for our company profile:-

    For further details:-
    Jawaid Ali (Property Consultant)

    (Authorized Dealer of ASF City & Gwadar Golf City – Pak China Enclave)


    CITI Associates Suite no. 6 & 7, 1st Floor, Block-A Hamilton Courts Complex, Block 7, Main Clifton Road, Karachi.

    Bahria Town Karachi Site Office: 142-143B, Jakvani Midway Tower, Midway Commercial, Block-B, Bahria Town Karachi.

  46. Zee says:


  47. Bismah says:

    I am looking forward to invest in bahria town
    Any one interested to sell plot file?
    Contact 0321 2366839

  48. Thank you So Much . For Giving enough Information regarding Bahria Town Projects.

  49. Thank you for sharing latest information about Bahria Town Karachi. . We are Bahria Town Phase 8 Real Estate Consultants looking for registered Property Dealers in Bahria Town Karachi for a partnership.
    Contact Person
    Mr Sulman Rasheed
    Phone: (+92)313 5000545

  50. Owais, The Pinnacle Properties says:

    Would you like to buy or sell a plot, villa, farmhouse, or commercial property?

    You can contact us with full trust, will offer the best market price and convenience.

    Feel free to contact at 0321-2165661.

  51. Malik says:

    Can anybody give me job in your house / office in door out door so contact me i need job with responsible salary plz.

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