Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results 2015

Bahria Town Management is pleased to announce balloting of Bahria Town Karachi project on Friday, 11th September 2015 after Jummah Prayer. Letter having Plot/ Home/ Apartment number to successful customers will be couriered at their mailing address soon after balloting.

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results 2015

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  1. Zafar says:

    Good move by Bahria town , as they had started to loose their credibility , hopefully this will build up confidence in people and Bahria town will get more value

    • Atif says:

      Lose their credibility? This is Bahria town we are talking about. I have a property in BT karachi and the amount of buyers I have who are willing to buy my land are countless!
      Please don’t spread false facts. This is big development in karachi and insha’Allah it will be another successful project.

      • Emraan Aly says:

        Atif, at what price you have countless buyers?
        I too have 4 plots but rates are going down on daily basis even I am not able to get exactly I have invested.

        • waseem says:

          true, buyers are countless if we are willing to sell our plots at total loss…..
          what a country ….
          bahria town a perfect trap where only the cheaters can survive…..
          nothing good for genuine investor….

      • Zafar says:

        No doubt it’s a big development in Khi , my dear I have 2 plots and a home booked in it , but u shouldn’t deny the fact , the price of plot and home has come down to less than 50% , can u explain y ? At the other hand property in Khi is getting more expensive…

        • Atif says:

          I don’t know where are you gathering your facts from but as far as I know I have contacted people and representatives of BT and everyone have denied these facts.

          • Waqas says:

            Atif, I am wondering where r u getting ur facts???
            125 yards plots files are sold for 30k for sellers and 50-60k for buyers which originally cost 165k.
            Similar situation for other plots too.
            talk on facts n figures.

      • nadeem says:

        i cant believed there is no price of bahria town 120sqds plot ,zero price, only installment to be you get unbelevable , is there any one in the country who can check this

      • AZHAR says:

        I am sorry but you dont know all facts about Bahria. Ask Bahria what they have done in Bahria Green Lahore. People paid 90% installements Bahria even has no land for the Project. bahria is simply Ignoring peoples and we are HELPLESS due to your Bahria. So please corecct your self first.
        Let Bahria tell you what did they do in Barhia Green Lahore

      • AZHAR says:

        If Bahria is clean than why they are hiding Balloting results. Eeven this balloting news is not published on thier website there is something major wrong. May be they have taken land by fruad togather with zardari? so they are hiding and delaying?

  2. Muhammad Miskeen says:

    good news for registred members pls explain the bailiting policy they will allot only no as they have done in ali block or they will show location of plot on map and give position as only no is nothing to satisfy the people the land dispute of bahria town karaci have raised many question

    the othe gam of merger we dont no silent feather of merger policy

  3. Inam says:

    Please clarify as to whether it will be only plot numbers (which will have no positive impact) or full details i.e. plot, street, sector, road etc????

  4. Ahmed Saleem says:

    I have the Hoshang Pearl open file the balloting of Hoshang is also announcing tommorow?

  5. imtiaz says:

    what about today results and balloting

  6. farhan says:

    as per your commitment you guys are failed to allot for overseas i hope still soon you guys are gona announce for overseas balloting

    • Mrs Abid says:

      Assalam o Alaykum….me jeddah me hon …BTK k hawaly se online checking ka koi tariqa nahi hai…or kia ham online 11sep ka Balloting Rsult check karsakty hai plz agar ap k pass koi maloomat ho tu zaror share karin…….Thanx…250y plot hai mera.

  7. Allocation of plot no for 500 Yards/ 1 kanal at BT Karachi
    Thanks your Immediate reply


  8. Allocation of plot no for 500 Yards/ 1 kanal at BT Karachi
    Thanks your Immediate reply


  9. Please provide us balloting link to retrieve allocation of Plots 500 Yards (Residential) BT Karachi

  10. Mahmood says:

    apne clients ka confidence shake hone se bachaen…..Malik Riaz sahab your name and projects are heading for a toss …until and unless someone wakes up in time…….

  11. Salman says:

    Can anyone update if he/ she has receive the ballot result.

  12. sami says:

    Balloting result will not appear any place . Bahria will inform by letter directly to the individuals .

  13. sami says:

    I live in Jeddah so, anyone want further details please revert

  14. taj says:

    can you chaick toll free no btk,080000100,mabey same one halpe you regads

  15. Shoaib Anwer says:

    I would like to know that i’ve rcvd my Plot nos & Block nos from Head-Office but I’ve marked for “Conrners”,how can i confirm that i got the corner plots?

    • Faraz says:

      Dear Shoaib,

      can you confirm me you recieved the letter from BTK??? Having Plot n Block no?

      • Shoaib Rahim says:

        Yes! I’ve recieved the letters w plot no & pricint No.But as i said earlier that it does not confirm that i got the “Corners”,as i marked on both booking forms..kindly help ! I would also like to know that i’ve paid all my installments on time then y did i got my 125 Sq.Yds in pricint 24,which is not in a map? Tnx

        • Faraz says:

          thanks for your reply.

          i alos recieved the same on same precinct #. i called BTK they replied me they are going to update the map but????
          i raised a question without updating map how you allot plot #. they do not hav any reply.

  16. mohyudin says:

    This is the first time I invested in bahria, but unfortunately my experience is exactly like, most of u guys r talking n complaining clarity, everything wage n hazy. All i get from BTK people is a computerized call to pay the next installment.looks like it is the only thing that they care about. N now I say that it is last time I trusted bahria.

  17. mohyudin says:

    Has anyone really received the ballotting results?
    N yes u guys r right, at the moment v can recover only the installments that v have paid, no down payment or initial registration amount.
    This is the market value of BTK at present.

  18. Muhammad Faisal says:

    I Got ballot result with numb n plot allocated and soon map will be launch. That map define whose number is corner great news……

  19. Muhammad Miskeen says:


  20. farrukh says:

    i just received the balloting result and its approved.

  21. mohyudin says:

    M astonished to c, that my posts have been deleted by the admin.
    Convince me or get convinced dear,
    Try to regain ur trust.
    Is there anyone who has received the plot number ??

  22. Rahman says:

    can somebody would tell me where the Precinct 11B is located on map? I couldn’t find this on the map. there is Precinct11 which is way back at the end of property and it shows all 125 sq.yd plots.
    I have a 125sq.yd Overseas Bahria home.
    my balloting results show Precinct 11B.
    I don’t get this how come Precinct11 could be part of the overseas block. I am lost.

  23. Muhammad Miskeen says:

    can any body explain that rgistered members who have paid 5 th instalments including in bailloting

  24. Haris says:

    For those who have received their balloting results, can you confirm that the Precinct number are less than 20?
    I received mine with Precinct # 31, but the master plan has 20 precinct number as max.
    Can anyone here explain that?

  25. Arshad says:

    As per BTK face book page the old map ( showing Precinct # 20 ) is no more valid. New map in process..

  26. Habeeb says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me the website to check Bahriya Town Karachi Balloting result announced on 11-sep-2015
    Thank you

  27. Nadim says:

    The alloted me in P-27A for 500 sqyd, but BTK map doesn’t showing only max upto P-20. Where will the 27A, shall we wait for phase 2. BTK must clear this doubt.

  28. umer ahmed says:

    Dear all,
    anyone interested to sell bahria home 200 yards with detail plot no, location, price in break up,
    email me who really want to sell his home.

  29. Muhammad Shahid Akhtar says:

    Dear Investors, rumors are circulating among people that current balloting for allotment is only for that part of land which is LEGITIMATE,otherwise land is probably disputed in present situation of Karachj.

  30. Zafar says:

    Dear at Atif I hope u understand now the real facts abt Bahria town if not yet so refer to this article otherwise watch pogo

  31. Muhammad Miskeen says:

    zafar bhai i have three files of 125 yrd and paied 5th instalments what sould i do can i purchase home or villa from these amount paided to bahria or they have any policy to merged my 3 files in one file

    muhammad miskeen 03009301401

  32. Shahzad says:

    All the damn other stuff is available on this page EXCEPT balloting results….

  33. Lubna Ghazal says:

    I haven’t received any allotment letter yet. What does it means????

  34. Aziz khan says:

    Plz give me my plot number.

  35. Ali raza says:

    Assalam o Alikum
    I want to know my application Update or Not
    Plzzz Contact my Email
    If U Want To My Application Number .. I will Send Your Email..
    Pllzzz check update or Not

  36. Tahir says:

    Plot NOT required in Precinct29 plz!!!

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