Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Result – 15th August 2016

Bahria Town Management is pleased to announce balloting of Bahria Town Karachi project on Monday, 15th August 2016. Letter having Plot/ Home/ Apartment number to successful customers will be couriered at their mailing address soon after balloting.

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Result - 15th August 2016

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  1. nasr says:

    Dear Sir,BTK Sporty City will be included in the balloting of 15 Aug 2016 or not,plz update.

  2. Khan says:

    Please confirm if sports city is included in balloting?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sir, what information will be provided when you subscribe to the above email for 15th August balloting?

  4. Mir abid khan says:

    Salam pl.confirm if sports city is included in the balloting of 15 Aug.2016 thanx

  5. Mir abid khan says:

    Sir any updates about sports city

  6. Mir abid khan says:

    Your reply is highly appreciated

  7. Farrukh Shaikh says:

    Dear authorities, what is the status of sports city, is that included in balloting as well ? If not, so kindly update here for our acknowledgement, many thanks .
    Note : there are so many controversial statements are rotating against BTK.

  8. Kashif Raza says:

    I have paid 9 installments of my 125 yards plots, will I be included in this ballot?

  9. rashid hameed says:

    Dear sir there is any online check for today balloting

  10. Imran Anis Sheikh says:

    dear Sir, can we check results of balloting on Bahria town website. it will take time to get the results by courier which is creating doubts about balloting is done or not.

  11. shahid shams says:

    How much on money for precinct 28

  12. Baidar says:

    Sir what time we will know about ballotting results and how

  13. Nadeem says:

    Sir I Paid almost all Instalments in advance in late july2016. Before july 2 Instalments were missing and there is some fine on my file but I Paid 1 million in july. Will I get plot no.

  14. Mansoor says:

    is Sale/purchase in present-1 allowed?

  15. Muhammad Ali says:

    Assalamualikum! I want to ask, where bahria town Karachi balloting results will be uploaded

  16. Zeesha Habib says:

    250 yard resident plot result please

  17. Najeeb Rasheed says:

    Dear sir I,ve called in the Bahria town office 15 days later for asking my plot number . they have told me that inshallah your plot number will be come in the balloting of 14 august …I’m confused on Bahria town web pages can u plz tell me that what’s my plot number? In which area is my plot ….my plot is of 125 yards from named Najeeb Rasheed
    Impatiently waiting for your reply

  18. manzoor ali says:

    pl iam the owner of plot 125 sq yard my nic no 42501-9413030-9 dgq 1189 my Email will be noted

  19. Ashar says:

    What is the status of 15th August balloting.
    Please let us know where we can check the balloting results, if balloting is done.


  20. haroon says:


  21. talha anwaar says:

    Bahria Town Karachi is a cheat organization which only benefits to the Big Investors and Recognized Dealers not to the small Genuine buyers, the balloting that has happened was a total fraud and malik riaz needs to held accountable for the embezzlement that he did with genuine buyers.

  22. Arif says:

    Why can’t bahria put everything online? Raking in billions and not willing to spend a few thousands on maintaining a half decent website for benefit of its members. Everything is so shady about how bahria operates.

    • Shaukat Ali Khan says:

      I agree with you 100%, It was told that BSC will be included in 14th August balloting but there is no clearity still what happened actually… I submitted it’s first installment on 15th June though a payorder… After one month I went Bahria office to confirm if the installment updated,,, that was not updated,, office gave me an email address to contact through,, so I send mail, they really after 15 days they are looking into the matter,,, on 1st August I again gave reminder which reply still awaiting.. There is no proper phone system,, by visiting you can be little satisfied..

    • Asif Malik says:

      I totally agree with you BRO.

      • Imran Anis Sheikh says:

        I don’t believe any balloting done. Last time they put all results on line why not this time. Now I don’t trust Bahria

    • Sameed says:


    • Waqar Ahmed says:

      Absolutely agree with you

  23. Uzair Ali says:

    I want to buy 1 unit 120 square yards villa please help me. Uzair ali. 0334-3619475
    Thank You

  24. Waqas says:

    Any one here i have very urgent work about bahria town contact me please 0344-3785453

  25. Shoaib says:

    Any improvement in market trend after Supreme Court ordered a STAY on taxation?

  26. Rukhsana says:

    Sir at what address should I email to check balloting result

  27. humayun says:

    sir Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Result – 15th August 2016 send me my email address or information my plot send me my mail yesterday send you email my plot detail

  28. ALi says:

    Sab fraud hai. Didnt got plot num even after paying all

    • Asif says:

      I agree with you there is fraud and cheating being played. I my wife paid all 09 installments for 125 sq but they said it was our computer mistake. Hence, no number allotted its Bullshit. I have talked with my lawyer to file suit for damages and fraud against Bahria Town Karachi in the Court of Law.

  29. Shahid says:

    pichli balloting ki tarah ye balloting bhi khufia dramma tha..last balloting main estate agents ko villas diye gaye aur achi area main plots…is martaba ek maheene se logon se paise le kar achi jagahon par number allot kiye gaye..aur balloting ke naam par baqi bache hoye hamare jaise logon ko abhi tak ek eent bhi allot nahi hui..

  30. Shahid says:

    Mujhe 2 125 Yards ke plots Precint 26A main allot hue hain…aur 26A precint ka koi wujood hi nahin…matlab 3 saal se main payment kar raha hun aur mere sath itna bara dhoka hua..number lagane ke paise na dene par mujhe villa 31 precint main ek kone main allot kia gaya hai..what a bull shit

    • Humayun says:

      Same story for me Shahid bhai. Hum jo pechlay 3 saaloon say proper installment on time submit kerwa rahay, hamein wahan allotment ki hai jo zameen shayd inhon nay last year hi purchase ki hogi. Mujhy nahi lagta precints 27 to 31 per work 2018 say pehlay start hoga. Bohat asani say dhoka day diya gya hai. Pata nahi shayd 2020 tak kuch banna start ho jaey wahan.

      • Hassan says:

        Same Here they say the maps will be updated in 2 weeks. Sub Ballor abhee bhee nahi kiya. They said only 75%. Saray mulk ka hee bera gharak hai tu Bahria tu phir thora acha dikhta hai. beggers are not choosers.

  31. Abdul Mateen says:

    When we will receive the balloting results or any letter form Bahria Karachi.

  32. Shakeel says:

    What is the criteria for successful belting.if it’s i nstallments which I already paid but I could not get the number in this belting.what a transparency in bahria town .amazing

  33. Muddassar says:

    Is there any way to find out online results for the balloting held this month? i have 2 plots and i am unable to find the results?

  34. abid says:

    sports city on disputed land and falls under supreme courts order. so work has been stopped till further orders ,

  35. Shahid says:

    Humayun bhai…2 maheene se bahria wale paise maang rahe the aur kah rahe the paise na dene walon bache kuche plot alot kiye jayenge…mera ek dost kuch maheene pahle dubai office main ja kar gaaliyan deen aur ussi waqt usko aloot kardiya

    • khurram says:

      dear ma apne plot ka no lagwana chata hon.plz send ap mare help kar sakte hi koye asa banda bata daye jes ko pase daye kar ma no lagwa lon

  36. Tehmina says:

    Plz send me my rezalat 125 plot no BTKP-KKU44

  37. Imran Anis Sheikh says:

    This is all fraud going on. I booked with all others & till date not delayed a single payment but still they are saying I will get my plot # in next balloting which is yet to announce. My sincere advise to all be careful with Bahria they are supporting to agents only as they are big investors. Common people are supposed to pay only installments. If some have got the numbers they are so far that they can’t find where is the prescient

  38. Jawaid Ali says:

    Dear Members,

    For regular updates of Bahria town Karachi kindly contact at 0320-8299002

    Team Citi Associates

    • shahida naseem says:

      I am interested to get one flat of Bharia Heights kindly if it is possible please help me to get the flat of Bharia Heights & how it is possible to get it?
      Mrs. Shahida Naseem

  39. Shahid says:

    jab 101 fraudy marre the tu ek malik riaz paida hua tha….

  40. naeemuddinqureshi says:

    dear sir iam intersted at 125 sqyds bahria home any precent lower price pls inform by my e-mail i will thaks.
    naeemuddin qureshi
    riyadh saudiarba

  41. ali says:

    dear sir,

    what is the point of bahria advertising all this so vastly when they barely allot numbers to genuine end users and their clients…i have seen people with 4 or 5 installments have their numbers allotted in this balloting but someone like me whos file was uptdate with 9 paid installments…still wasnt alloted a number in BTK…why should we pay installments on time when the ones who dont pay installments are being alloted number and the ones who are paying being overlooked…

  42. Waseem says:

    Daer senior member,

    I own Behria Town Karachi 125yard residential plot’s file, and all 10 installments are timely paid but yet I could not get plot allotment number, I have checked August 2016 balloting results, can anyone advice what needs to be done?

    • Imran Anis Sheikh says:

      Just wait. You are trapped now. I’m also in same condition. Waiting how long they will play with us. I will obviously not pay any further installment till allotment.

    • muhammad says:

      pl any one inform me which side i go to check august 2016 balloting result for 125 yard plot.

  43. Nasr says:

    Plz confirm the fresh balloting date of BTK SC.

  44. Akhtar says:

    please tell the result of current balloting of bahria town sports city Karachi. tell the correct website also where the result of balloting is published. thanks

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