Bahria Town Karachi Announces Possession – October 2018

Pakistan’s most modern lifestyle community at Bahria Town Karachi, members who have already bought their plots can take the possession of their plots. The numbers of possessionable precincts provided by infra department are mentioned below.

  • Precinct 1
  • Precinct 2
  • Precinct 3
  • Precinct 4
  • Precinct 6
  • Precinct 7
  • Precinct 8
  • Precinct 10A
  • Precinct 10B
  • Precinct 11A
  • Precinct 11B
  • Precinct 12
  • Precinct 14
  • Precinct 15
  • Precinct 16
  • Precinct 17
  • Precinct 18
  • Precinct 19
  • Precinct 20
  • Precinct 20A
  • Precinct 21
  • Precinct 22
  • Precinct 23
  • Precinct 24
  • Precinct 25
  • Precinct 26A
  • Precinct 27
  • Precinct 27A
  • Precinct 28
  • Precinct 29
  • Precinct 30
  • Precinct 31
  • Precinct 32
  • Precinct 33
  • Precinct 34
  • Precinct 35
  • Precinct 36
  • Precinct 37
  • Precinct 38
  • Precinct 39
  • Precinct 40
  • Precinct 47
  • Precinct 48
  • Precinct 49
  • Precinct 50
  • Precinct 51
  • Precinct 54
  • Precinct 56
  • Precinct 57
  • Precinct 10A Commercial
  • Theme Park Commercial
  • Bahria Farm Houses
  • Jinnah Avenue Commercial
  • Bahria Hills
  • Bahria Sports City Villas

Bahria Town Karachi – Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges Details

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  1. Shoaib says:

    What about precinct 32-c

  2. Ishaa says:

    Bahria Town Karachi – Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges Details please
    Any idea 53 precinct possession dates

  3. Zafar Malik says:

    Why i couldn’t find any news about Precient 15A….

  4. Asif khan says:

    I have plot in paradise, p -52, when we will get possession

  5. Alam says:

    Why not for P52 ??? Any problem

  6. Syed Tassawur Hussain says:

    Kindly share any update on Valley Block in Bahria Town Karachi.

  7. Flower says:

    WHY not Precinct 25-A ready for possasion ?

  8. Raza Muhammad Shar Baloch says:

    what about construction in 23-A til the date no any work started

  9. Junaid javed Mys-2108 says:

    There no name of valley block c


    What about possession of P 25-A

  11. owais says:

    what about 32 c 125 s.q?

  12. Arsalan Siddiqui says:

    Any idea 15 B precinct possession dates

  13. zeeshan siddiqui says:

    when will you provide possession of precinct 25-A

  14. Kashif khan says:

    What about 29A 29 B

  15. Sukhan says:

    What about P 37 possession?

  16. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    What about precient 44 possession

  17. Majid Hasan Syed says:

    I want to know about what is the fee of P-28 and 31 125 Sq. Yard plot possession including all expense and brake up?
    Can we pay it installment?
    Warm welcome for your good response.

  18. Farooq Hashmi says:

    AOA. I see comments about possession of precincts with a suffiex “A”. I also have two plots, one in 25-A and one in 32-A and interestingly there is no precinct 32-A in the map of Bahria website! I am now in doubt whether such precincts actually exist on ground or only in papers. I request all fellow allotees of such precincts to file complaint in Bahria office as I have already done.

    • Khan says:

      There are no such precincts, its only a topi for thousands and hundreds of innocent Pakistanis who have been compiling with the installment plans, They have been robbed and its time now to see the reality. Every other person i meet has a plot in 32A, 23A, 15A, Etc a to z and 1 to 10000, number of precicnts are in thousands, just think abt how many people are involved here.

  19. Zeeshan says:

    What about p-44 and p-45? When do we expect possession of 44 and 45?

    Kindly update about it.


    • Jameel says:

      There is no any land from P41 to p45. Bahria lost its case in Supreme Court for these precincts land. People go Court against this fraud of Bahria.

  20. ejaz says:

    my Plot is in precinct 53 | not include the given list of possession ? all others are given in the list please clarify

  21. Khawaja Muhammad Rafi says:

    My wife and son are alliteration of precent 44 and 45
    What are possession news for these precents

    • Jameel says:

      There is no any land from P41 to p45. Bahria lost its case in Supreme Court for these precincts land.people go to court against bahria for their this fraud.

  22. Hassanul Haque says:

    Why Precentin-26 not include in possession List

  23. Musarrat tariq says:

    Plot no 1201 in p27 how and when i get possion and if i want to sell how much i can get for it.

  24. Shams says:

    What about p-44?

    • Jameel says:

      There is no any land from P41 to p45. Bahria lost its case in Supreme Court for these precincts land.people go to court against bahria for their this fraud.

  25. kamran says:

    What about P41 to P45?

  26. Mujahid Alavi says:

    What about 32A development and possession?

  27. Asim Akhtar says:

    Salam to all can you plz share the map P32-A as we did not find the map anywhere how could one knows that where is his plot without its map

  28. Muhammad Umer Bhutta says:

    why you deducted precinct 41 to 46..?? what is the real issue..? explain it true..

  29. Muhammad kashif says:

    What about 32-d?

  30. Kashif Majeed says:

    Why Precinct 32_D in the last of boundary wall of the project (almost in Balochistan Area) Master Plan and other Precinct nearby like Precinct 40 onwards.

    Anybody bother to reply??

  31. mujahid says:

    25a precinct possession kab meli g

  32. What about 15A development and possession?


  33. Yousaf Khan says:

    AoA, Can anyone update us on what is the reality behind Sports City precinct 40 to 45. I too have a plot in Precinct 43 and all I got to know from Bahria head office Karachi during my visit in April, 2019 is that I should continue regular installments whereas on the other hand I have got to know from estate agents and various other sources that there is “NO future of Precinct 43 neither Bahria has any such land in real” and all Bahria Town Karachi authority would do is to deduct 25% of the total amount I have paid and return me my remaining amount after 12 to 16 months.
    My question to you is that if you could please convey the real status of precinct 43 and suggest should I continue to pay remaining 4 installments or not.
    Moreover if Bahria gets fails in delivering land of Sports City 40 to 45 precincts then our paid amount is deducted on what grounds.
    Please suggest so at least I could pursue my right in the legal courts of Pakistan and at least get people aware of the ongoing Scam done in the name of estate development and betterment of people at large

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