Bahria Sports City Karachi Balloting Result 2016


Bahria Sports City Karachi is an address where action and leisure live in harmony. Put on your sports attire, let your hair down & let the surroundings take over. A unique design approach unifying modern architecture with sports facilities will include beautifully master planned community along with international sporting and training facilities.

To get the ballot result of your Bahria Sports City Karachi Plot or Villa, Kindly email your Plot or Villa reference number to

Bahria Sports City will have Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium inspired by Dubai International Cricket Stadium. This International standard flood-lit cricket stadium will provide a unique experience to sports enthusiast.

The Grand Gymnasium will be the first of its kind in Karachi providing an unmatched experience for all. The Gym will also include Tennis, Squash and Badminton Courts to provide the sports enthusiasts with variety of activities to engage in an active lifestyle.

Another initiative by Bahria Town for the revival of sports in Pakistan, the football ground in Bahria Sports City will be a welcome addition for the most popular sport in the world.

Promoting a healthier and active lifestyle, Bahria Sports City will feature a complete cycling & jogging track. Moreover, experience the thrill of speed in a safe and secure environment with the Go-Kart track.

Bahria Sports City will feature a 5-star luxury hotel with beautifully designed rooms & suites, conference rooms for high profile business meetings and an eclectic mix of dining options to savor delightful cuisines.

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  1. Tahir Shah says:

    Sir Kindly send me my plot’s ballot result. I have already send all the details in the email. Also kindly upload the Master Plan for BSC Karachi.

  2. Nasir uddin says:

    Gentleman, please update the result & map of Bahria sports city residential plot 240 sq-y. other details have been sent to you by e-mail. your quick reply shall be appreciated.

  3. Rashid says:

    Btk has informed precinct 43 for sports city and map will shared soon

  4. khaleel says:


    I emailed your for inquiry for Sports city 250 Ballot, Kindly reply me via email.


  5. Abdul says:

    Got my result, but the precint is 40 …What about other members .I have read somebody is saying it is Precint 43??

  6. Haider says:

    Why BT not announced the results on their website or news papers, instead they gave you?

  7. Ghulam Hyder says:

    I believe BT is playing with people, just asking for money.
    They must announce ballot result on website before they ask for 3rd installment. If they do not do so we all shall refuse to pay 3rd installment.
    Someone from BT will confirm/provide reason why they did not announce ballot result on website.
    Please reply to my email for ballot result.

  8. Muhammad Ali Hussain says:

    Kindly provide us the Full Map of Bahria Sports City so we could find our Plot location, there are no precincts from 36 onwards in old BSC map. Thanks

  9. Mujahid says:

    Why the prices after the balloting is going so Down?

  10. Badshah says:

    I have sent many emails but no response from bahria side.

  11. akbar kabir khan says:

    A.O.A, Please tell me B T K S.P.C corner and west open plot price.alongwith Precient #/ plot#,


    Best regards,


  12. AMBREEN ABRAR says:

    Kindly email me about my plot # please. Still i am not received.
    My Ref. # BTKSC-PO8595.

    Thanks & best regards

  13. Abid Hussain son of Imam Ali Bhand. says:

    As-salaam-o-Alaikum sir. Sorry to bother you. I need your help and support please. I am a disabled person. I need a house in larkana. So please help me.
    You can confirm my disability through CNIC issued by nadra.
    42501-9397620-9 . Abid Hussain son of Imam Ali Bhand.

  14. Abbas aziz Mughal says:

    Plote app # is BTKSCP-0019365 I want to know baloting result . Pricing 25a map when wil be see at net kindly reply than from Jeddah KSA.

  15. Syed Ali says:

    Need to know BTKSCP-0021405 Balloting result. Yet, I do not know. kindly assist me. I came to know that it is still un-balloted even I am proceeding with payment.

  16. Shakeel Farooq says:

    Very simple, Bahria management and call center is just available to make people fool. No one knows thw process even they have published some special numbers for complain but top to bottom no one response over the issue. We have paid four installments which makes approx 30% payment of 250 yards plot but Bharia enjoying the funds instead of facilitate the middle class investors. Whatever experience i gained from Bahria i can summarized in single line. i. e. Never Ever Invest with Bahria
    Regards, Shakeel Farooq – 0321242746

  17. Muhammad Mohsin Beg says:

    Please tell me the plot no. BTKSCP22400

    • Abdul says:

      Send email to their customer service with your file # and NIC # – they usually reply with in 3-5 working days .

      • Syed Ali says:


        • Shakeel Farooq says:

          No matter how many times you escalate email to Bahria and provide them plot details, I have extensive experience with their customer support as no one in customer support ready to resolve the issue
          All support representatives like special persons and know only a single sentence like “We are sorry sir for inconveniences please wait record updation is in progress and issue will be resolved soon”
          If customer argues about this delay then they will provide help Line number of Karachi office and say that please contact Mr. Alene Head of Operations for customer support
          Now customers will call at Karachi office to discuss the issue with Mr. Aleem but unfortunately Aleem will not come on phone so the bottom line is Customer invest their money to this revolving scenario!!!!!
          In my opinion I will not recommend to any one to invest in Bahria drama it’s better to invest in DHA and ASF projects as at least they have accuman to facilitate their customers

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