Bahria Golf City Karachi Balloting Results 2015

Bahria Golf City Karachi Balloting Results 2015

A golfer’s paradise, Bahria Golf City features a harmonious balance of plots, elegant private neighborhoods, and lush landscaping, making it one of the most desirable residential communities in Bahria Town Karachi.

Project Features:

  • Enjoy the spectacular views of the golf course right from your house
  • Step into the lavish golf greens right from your front lawn
  • Modern & Luxurious Lifestyle Facilities
  • 5-Star Gold & Country Club
  • 100% backup power (No Load-shedding)
  • Gated Community
  • World Class Security Infrastructure

Bahria Golf City is an unrivalled master-planned community that underlines Bahria Town’s credentials in world-class project development. A truly world-class development overlooking the green fairways, an 27-hole championship golf course. The gated community offers 24-hour security and maintenance, picturesque walkways, and access to golf club.

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  1. Awes Khan says:

    Where to see the results ?

  2. Munzir says:

    Where r the results, i have already subscribed for long time.

    • Farid Uddin says:

      Call to Bahria town on toll free number give your CNIC and regd. Number they will give you plot # and sheet # wait for detailed map that will help you to check location of your plot.

      • Azam says:

        I have been informed by helpline about plot # and the Road #.

        The big question is where is my plot on the map.

        When should we expect the Golf City updated Map to be released by BTK. Please advise.

      • Khan says:

        They didn’t pick up any number including toll free (21 111333888). Please share if you have some other number

  3. Abdul Majid says:

    Which Precinct is Golf City? Please inform if the map is available for Golf City.


    • Farid Uddin says:

      Precinct 20 is reserved for Golf City. Visit personally or see via goggle earth the fast track development work. They will release map shortly. Hope for the best and prepare yourself for next installment.

  4. Ali says:

    Bhai balloting hui hi nai to results kahan se milenge. Another fake date from Bahria!

    • Munzir says:

      Balloting is already done on 30th Nov 2015, if they dont pick the phone so send the email with your Reg.No and NIC number they inform you via email. I did the same and i got the letter off plot allotment.

  5. Muhammad Aamir says:

    Dear All,

    Balloting of Golf city is successful. You can call 0800-00100, provide them with your CNIC and registration no and they will let u know with the results.

    In addition Golf City is in Prencent 20.

  6. Dr Abdus Sami says:

    Bahria pagal bna rha sub ko ore kuch b nahi hay.
    Sub ro rahy hain ore agy chal kar mazeed roain ghay.

  7. Nayyar says:

    Is any one aware of current market of golf city after balloting? Did it g up like other precincts?

  8. Asif azam says:

    If balloting is done than why r they not advertising it.why bahria is quiet about it.announcement will give them a is all fake and they r lying as usual.

    • Farid Uddin says:

      Yahan harkoi ek dosray ka pecha laga hoa ha publicity sa kuch logon ko jalacy hoti Bahria thek kar raha ha khamoshi sa development per focus ha aap site visit kar ka apni ankhoon sa development check karain plot # help line sa maloom karain aur dua karain ka Allah middle class logon ki investment mehfoz rakha

      • Asif azam says:

        Farid sahib u seems to be the hired hand of bahria.where is the result of golf city balloting.They promised it on 30 November. Half of December is gone.if they posting the photos of development what is stopong them from posting results of balloting or announcin that it is held.they are only hoodwinking and tarnishing thier good name.if u call on thier numbers they do not pick up.

        • Farid Uddin says:

          Dear Asif Azam
          I appreciate your remarks. In my 60 years life I had invested for plots in many flop projects like Hawksbay, Orangi cottage industries, Gulshan-e-Mehran and Tasier Town. Bahria development work gave me positive hope and I have invested there with my retirement perks. Remember Malik Riaz is not ” Farista”. He is a businessman and use all dirty techniques as other do. I also disagree with his balloting process but I hopeful that Malik Riaz and Mustufa Kamal will complete this project inshaAllah. ( Allah dana dushman aur nadan dostoon sa is project ko mehfooz rakha )

          • Syed says:

            The balloting was done on the announced date however, like previous balloting the letters were not sent to successful people.

            You can call or email with NIC & Reg. No. and they will inform you about the plot number & street number plus the master plan is also available where you can spot your plot.

  9. Mohammad Zohaib says:

    500 yards golf city plot for sale. Plot number 27 Street 91. Golf side, 2 sides open, west open, close to overseas and club house. Inbox for demand. Direct seller. Whatsapp on Saudi number +966569331993.

  10. Asif Azam says:

    Farid, sahib no doubt development is impressive and it makes no difference if the balloting is delayed also.The good will of bahria is good enough to sail them thru and it will be a great project but if bahria had promised a date and it was not Possible to manage it by that date than they can always say so and give another date why r they creating confusion by keeping mum about all this affair and tarnishing thier image .

  11. Syed says:

    The balloting was done on the announced date however, like previous balloting the letters were not sent to successful people.

    You can call or email with NIC & Reg. No. and they will inform you about the plot number & street number plus the master plan is also available where you can spot your plot.

  12. faisal says:

    can some one point out street 89 and street 90 on the map as it is not printed on map. inside overseas golf city project khi

  13. Syed Zubair Gillani says:

    Dear Bharia Manegement,

    please answer the some below questions:

    1) when second balloting announced?
    2) for my understanding balloting mean we get plot # . can we start construction on our plot?
    3) if your answer is No. so when we start construction. and living?

    Syed Zubair Gillani

  14. Syed Zubair Gillani says:

    Dear Management,

    i didnot saw in Map the number of Cricket ground in bharia town karachi.

    please its our main game otherwise our children are playing cricket on street. so minimum one ground in each precent.

    please conceder…………

    Syed Zubair Gillani

  15. Danish says:

    Bahria Golf City 500 yard plot exclusive Plot No. 70; 2 side corner near to main boulevard; Situated on 60 ft Loop road near to street 142; Very close single road access from golf city main entrance; 2 side corner as no other plot lies behind; Close to Park; Adjacent large lush green extra land facing. Demand 3 lac own

  16. Mohammad Zohaib says:

    Bahria Golf city Karachi. Pure Golf view. 3 side corner. Pure west open. Call or whatsapp on +966569331993 or Mustafa 03422774376

  17. narveen says:

    Malik Raiz, shahib I appreciate your and Ali Riaz efforts for constructing Dubia Like Stadium in Karachi will 5 star accommodation, and supporting Karachi Kings, apart from this will definitely bring international cricket back and also PSL back in Pakistan. I would request your kindly make AbuZabi like stadium in the capital, Islamabad Bahria Enclave on same pattern. So that people of Islamabad also enjoy cricket, the stadium of Islamabad should have 1 lakh capacity. I really appreciate your role in developing Pakistan in all sphere of life.
    Thanks a lot. You are really true paskistani

    • Mohammad Zohaib says:

      New launching
      Bahria sports city
      Location inside bahria town karachi. Featuring new international cricket stadium and other sports activities.

      250 yds , 500 yds , 1000 yds plots

      250 YARDS
      TOTAL PRICE 3650000. DOWN PAYMENT 425000
      PROCESSING FEE 5000 FORM 1000

      500 YARDS
      TOTAL PRICE 5,850,000
      DOWN PAYMENT 650,000 PROCESSING FEE 10,000

      1000 YARDS
      PRICE 9,270,000
      DOWN PAYMENT 975,000 PROCESSING FEE 15,000

      For Bookings and Details .
      Call Mustafa 03422774376

  18. AMJAD says:

    you guys remember when bahria gave cars to 1000sq and 2000 sq yards plot in golf, that time they said they will also give cars to 500 sq golf city plots.
    so no cars and they have done it silently.

    hope you got it now

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