Bahria Adventure Land Karachi | All you Need to Know!

Welcome to the World of Happiness

From mind-blowing roller-coasters to groovy Surfer’s Spot, exciting Ferris wheel to wonderful rides, hip-hop carousel to twisty train rides and fun, Bahria Adventure Land has it all plus niche restaurants to offer a uniquely thrilling experience for the entire family.

Developed in collaboration with the most famous manufacturers from Italy, the Adventure Land unleashes a world of exhilarating adventures.

Rides and Attractions

1. Power Drop – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Some say that Power is one of the best feelings in the world. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to ride Power Drop over and over and over. Located in the Bahria Adventure Land, it’s hard to miss the thrill giant in the sky. Riders are propelled down this 42 meters tall Power Drop! Can you handle it?

2. Aladdin – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

There’s a new attraction in Bahria Adventure Land : ALADIN.This booster ride plays on your fears. Sending riders head over heels 40 meters in the air this attraction makes the world spin around riders. This ride is made up of a telescopic column with two arms and two vehicles that are free to rotate both directions.

3. Adventura Bay – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Bahria Adventure Bay is the place for you to live the mermaid’s way. Jump, roll, sit, flip or saunter, Bahria Bay is an oasis of refreshing coolness at the heart of Bahria Adventure Land. You can’t miss it, kids!

4. Surfers Spot – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Surfers’ Spot is where water cascade create short, bobbing waves perfect for leisurely floating for big kids, teens and adults. Surf, swim or soak up some rays on the sides, Surfers’ Spot is fun for everyone!

5. Worm Coaster – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

The Worm Coster heads children on an exciting kid-size roller coaster ride! After moving it is driving fast on the long track, you can have a feeling of exciting and thrilling.

6. Rail Blazer – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Belonging to a genre of roller coasters known as air coasters, Rail Blazer is sure to put plenty of air between your seat and ours giving this coaster thrills and chills all its own. This Coaster elevated railway with steep inclines and descents that carries a train of passengers through sharp curves and sudden changes of speed and direction for a brief thrill ride.

7. Shark Attack – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Shark Attack can not only rotate around the center, but also can fly up and down. Shark Attack is equipped with wonderful sound effect and attractive LED light, it is a better way to enjoy the thrill.

8. Merry Go Round – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Merry-go-Round is fancy appearance and gorgeous color, which is popular Bahria Adventure Land ride by youth. It is one of the indispensable classic amusement equipment in the amusement park, up and down double independent control structure. Lower clockwise rotation, the upper counterclockwise rotation.

9. Jiggly JellyFish – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Jiggly jelly fish ride is similar with samba balloon ride, when jiggly jelly fish starts work, it will shake head, go ups and downs to make players enjoy lots of fun. This ride make it more attracting with its beautiful ocean design, colorful light and wonderful music. It is a best choice for whole family.

10. The Claw – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

The Claw dazzles riders with its over the top thrills. Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them. As the Discovery begins to rotate, the pendulum swings back and forth. Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!


1. Adventure Zone – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

2. Kohkaaf – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

3. Indus Valley – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

4. Animal Kingdom – Bahria Adventure Land Karachi

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 11 AM – 10 PM
Sat – Sun 11 AM – 11 PM
+92-21-111-00-CITI (2484)

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