SOPs for Keeping Dogs in Residential Areas (Only Villas and Houses) at Bahria Town Karachi

SOPs for Keeping Dogs in Residential Areas (Only Villas and Houses)
at Bahria Town Karachi

1. Keeping of dogs in a residential area can lead to a lot of dissent within a community between dog owners and people who do not have dogs. Therefore, in order to avoid any untoward incident at BTK site, following guidelines are set-up to minimize the possible causes of conflict in residential areas that may arise when dogs are kept in residential areas without adequate safety measures and not suitably controlled:
a. Maximum two dogs above three month of age can be kept by one resident in a villa/House. No dog is permitted in apartment building. Dogs under three month of age are not counted.
b. All dogs will be registered with BTK Security after paying fee of Rs.500/ for first dog and Rs.1000/ for the second dog. While applying for registration vacation record will be produced.
c. Premises on which dogs are kept (it should be in the rear of the building) must be fully fenced area designed and erected to effectively contain a dog on the land and prevent the dog from wandering or escaping from the premises.
d. Dogs are not allowed to ‘wander at large’ outside the residential properties of their owners.
e. If a dog while on walk defecates on road/street, the person in
charge/owner of the dog must immediately remove and dispose it off
in a sanitary way. Penalty of Rs.1000/ will be imposed on defaulters
not disposing it off immediately.
f. Taking dogs to parks/recreational areas is strictly prohibited.
g. An owner or dog handler must not cause, encourage or permit a dog to attack or worry another person or an animal.
h. Complaint regarding barking or attacking people or animals will be taken seriously, therefore, the owner of dog/s must be mindful in this regards.
i. Dog of following draw back will not be allowed if it:
i. Causes a nuisance.
ii. Exposes the health or safety of others to significant risk.
iii. Creates a reasonable apprehension in the minds of others of a
threat to their health or safety.

2. The Security department before registering the dog/s will get this document.

Signed from the owner.
Prepared by: Major Liyakat Ali (Retd), Senior
Manager Gas

Dated: 26 June 2020
Approved by: Brig Khalid Mahmood Ahmad (Retd), SGM M

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