Pakistan Ka Bahria Town – Bahria Town Ka Pakistan!

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

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Bahria Town is the force turning the vision of modern Pakistan into reality. Being the private developer Bahria Town played a major role in the image building of Pakistan abroad by developing world class communities and maintained the international standards too. Thousands of people are already living in Bahria Town projects and enjoying the facilities, provided to residents.

Bahria Town has been shaping landscapes and lives in Pakistan since the company’s inception in 1996. Not just building homes, Bahria Town has developed value-added, master-planned communities housing thousands of families enjoying a complete living experience.

Vision of Bahria Town

To build the future, we need ideas, the free flow of those ideas, and the effective use of human power and technology to shape those ideas into life changing ground realities. Globalization makes all this ever more possible and easier, since the landmarks in luxury lifestyle around the world, that took centuries to be built and perfected, are the priceless jewels of our inspiration.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Yet, there is much more to be achieved, many novel ideas to be conceived, and a great many horizons waiting to be discovered. Bahria Town looks forward to inspire the world more than it inspires us.

Prime Mover of Pakistan’s Real Estate

Bahria Town is driving leadership, pioneering innovation and creating a legacy for generations to come. Bahria Town is the prime mover of the Pakistan’s real estate and construction sector.

Created direct employment for 25,000 people and 100,000 families. Providing economic sustenance for over 1 Million families through supply chain and associated employment. Generated demand for 55 factories from cement, paint, bricks, glass and tiles to aluminum. Bahria Town has paid direct and indirect taxes worth billions of rupees to the government.

Infrastructure Development

Delivered and developed Asia’s largest private housing scheme. Development projects of billions of rupees which have introduced a new lifestyle to the nation. Bahria Town maintains its indigenous project development department with equipment worth more than Rs. 6.5 billion.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Delivered communities the size of cities with complete infrastructure including grid stations, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, security,civic amenities, utilities, emergency services and futuristic lifestyle in a gated community.

Committed to bridge the annual deficit of 700,000 houses by providing housing solutions starting from Rs. 3.5 Lakhs, catering to all socio-economic classes.

Coming to Sindh

Initially Bahria Town focused only in Punjab and offers their projects in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, later start developing projects in Sindh with Karachi, and have plans to move other cities of Sindh as well like Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Mirpur Khas, Larkana and will cover all Sindh.

Bahria Town not only focus on huge communities and offer plots, Villas, apartment and giving complete life style, but also targeting individual buildings in Karachi, first of all they focus to build Tallest building of Pakistan in Karachi Bahria Town ICON, besides this many other projects are in pipe line such as Hoshang Pearl Karachi, Opal 225 Karachi, Bahria Town Tower and many others.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Bahria town makes a mark in the landscape of karachi with its world-class master planned community, “Bahria Town Karachi”. This community is designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and will introduce new benchmarks of community development in Karachi.

Bahria Town Karachi Lifestyle Facilities includes Master-Planned Gated Community, 400 ft. Wide Jinnah Avenue (Inspired by Sheikh Zayed Road), Commercial Areas, Ultra Modern Shopping Mall and Gold Souk, A Grand Jamia Mosque and a mosque for each sector, World-Class School, University and Hospital, Cricket Stadium and Indoor/Outdoor Sports Facilities, Five Start Hotel, USGA Standard Golf Course, CineGold Plex Cinema, International Theme Park, Dolphin Arena, Bahria Night Safari, Bahria Food Park etc

Bahria Town Dastarkhwan

Above and beyond the contribution of Bahria Town in different sectors, Bahria Town has come up with a new social project of Bahria Dastarkhwan to feed the underprivileged people and for the people who are unable get the basic food. “Bahria Town Dastarkhawan” is providing free meals daily to hard-up people.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Providing daily free meals, twice a day, to more than 35,000 people throughout Pakistan under Bahria Town Dastarkhawan.

Welfare by Bahria Town

Thousands benefit from free medical treatment ranging from dialysis to open heart surgery, bone marrow transplant to general treatments in 3 large Bahria Town Trust hospitals. Mobile dispensaries providing free medicines in rural areas.

Regular financial support to Al-Shifa Trust, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Sahara Trust, SOS Village and many more welfare organizations. Running centers for over 4,000 orphans with educational and lodging facilities.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Delivered thousands of Pakistan’s first low cost 5 marla houses of Rs 3.5 and 5 Lakhs only. Conducted combined marriages of more than 4,500 couples. Providing micro-finance loans to students in Rawalpindi Agricultural University. Running various schools, institutes and colleges in different cities and villages with more than 7,000 students.

Always at the forefront in helping the nation in times of natural calamities & unfortunate incidents such as the 2005 devastating earthquake, Margalla Tower & fire at the Marriott Hotel and Ghakhar Plaza Rawalpindi. Also led many relief teams for the aid of IDP’s, which provided financial, medical & food assistance. Medical Camp established at Swabi has served over 30,000 patients already.

Careers at Bahria Town

Bahria Town will grow as a company through the growth of their people’ sets the tone for the Company policies towards employee caring and continuous development. Their people are the most valuable asset.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan


The billions rupee worth of machinery, vision challenging wide landscape and the best of technology are all futile unless the human passion engages all these resources towards realization of the dream.

Healthy People Healthy Community

Regular medical camps are held by the Bahria Town operated hospitals in Islamabad and Lahore. These camps provide free or highly subsidized treatments such as Immunization of the children of the community for all infectious diseases, Sale of medicine at highly subsidized rates to the low income stratum, Preventive literature distribution amongst residents for community awareness, Round the clock medical emergency and ambulance service etc

Education for Communal Balance & Harmony

Schools operational in the vicinity of Bahria Town. College & University under construction for higher education accessibility. Provision of co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities like sports grounds and game courts

Graceful Lifestyle for All

Civic amenities for the entire community including a convenient transport system, commercial facilities, recreational options. Uniform law and order through security patrols and a check on visitors. Clean and maintained infrastructure with dependable utility supplies like electricity, gas, telephone and cable

Green is Life

The Special Parks Support Department ensures that the natural vegetation and ecosystem are maintained. Exotic plantation is also imported to give exclusive touch to our developments. All projects are eco-friendly. Pre-assessments ensure that the balance is maintained between natural resources like trees, greens, water bodies and the consumers i.e. inhabitants. Relocation for any type of wild-life and precious plants is planned for each excavation work

Nature’s Land Engineering Design

Planning incorporates special emphasis on the natural topography with a focus to refine its hidden aesthetics and not to alter the layout altogether. This ensures stability of the undergrounds for seismic resistance both for Bahria Town and the adjacent or land-belt sharing habitats. Nature is the best artist. We endeavor to build on the same. Energy, water and resources, both natural and man-made, are utilized efficiently.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Quality Products for the Public

Bahria Town product range contains a fit for everyone, every taste and every pocket. This is why Bahria Town communities truly depict a balanced community representation. Quality is maintain at ‘all costs’, in all designs, across nation-wide massive developments and beyond the customer experience.

Contributing to a Sustainable Local & National Economy

Bahria Town has created employment for more than 20,000 workers, both directly and indirectly. Bahria Town has both revived and developed many construction sector support and supplier concerns thus saving the real estate industry altogether. Foreign capital inflow has reached unprecedented levels due to the exposure received by the real estate sector through Bahria Town developments

Collaborations with foreign engineering and technical companies has facilitated shared learning, transfer of advanced technology and latest & safest trends in construction engineering; One such example has been the launch of Awami Villas. These pre-fabricated steel structure patent design and technology is cutting edge and time tested.

Bahria Town Home Insurance

For the first time in Pakistan a master-developer is providing full protection to its residents in case of Fire & Theft. Bahria Town is dealing with the most credible names in the insurance sector.

Pakistan Ka Bahria Town - Bahria Town Ka Pakistan

Bahria Town aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder of all times, with projects offered to an eclectic mix of segments , at choice locations with world class amenities, while ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery, and lifelong customer satisfaction.

With all these efforts we can say that Bahria Town is not only a developer, we must say proudly say Pakistan Ka Bahria Town – Bahria Town Ka Pakistan!

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