[Model Apartment] Hoshang Pearl Karachi – Pakistan’s Most Luxurious Apartments and Penthouses

Hoshang Pearl Karachi, Pakistan’s Most Luxurious Apartments. With luxury 2 & 3 bed services apartments and 4 bed limited edition duplex penthouses. Hoshang Pearl Karachi is destined to become the new benchmark in luxury apartments for the entire region. Model Apartment is now open.

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  1. Ishrat Khan says:

    I want to move back to Pakistan/ Karachi, I’m interested in the penthouse 3 bedroom apartments. what is the price and is it on mortgage system and where are they located.

  2. Bashir says:

    What is price if 3 bed room apptt

  3. NAEEM SARDAR says:

    interested in 4 bed pent house, kindly send me details and payment schedule

  4. Faizan Riaz says:

    I’m interested in the penthouse 3 bedroom apartment, kindly send me the details and payment schedule.

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