Message of Chairman Bahria Town Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain – April 2016

Message of Chairman Bahria Town Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain – April 2016

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  1. It is very encouraging message and is appreciated.

  2. Mohammad Naeem Arif says:

    Where is the message?

  3. Waqas says:

    This email contains progress update. There is no message from Mr. Malik Riaz in the email ..!

  4. Narindar says:

    I can’t see any message by him

  5. khawaja muhammad tahir says:

    Dear Malik Riaz Hussain Sahib. pls issue us plot nos of karachi Bahria old residentials. we are asked every two weeks balloting to be held soon. plot nos are sold in market by bahria authorized dealers. we feel shame to invest in bahria. my registration is btkp-0641

  6. Mujammad miskeen says:

    Sir i have paid 8 instl in my 125yrd files rigisrration no btk fty 3074,3068 and number of plot is not yey alloted whare some members received numbers on 5 instalments only authorised dealers receving no i am sir ex govt empolyee and i have booked 2 files pls kidly allote me plot no thanks sir

  7. Teem says:

    Where is malik riaz message .??????????????

  8. Saeed A. Qureshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to inquire that when 2nd balloting for 125 yards plots in Bahria Town Karachi as I have paid 8 installment so far.


    Saeed A. Qureshi

  9. sammer says:

    When will be balloting of 125 sq yard , it is already too delay and when will be possesion hand over of Bahria encalve islamabad sector I possesion .

  10. sammer says:

    i paid upto date 125 sq yard installments , plz tell when will be actual balloting practicaly ???

  11. nomi says:

    please do balloting
    please do balloting
    please do ballotting

  12. rani gulnaz says:

    good message from Mr.Malik Riaz sahib pl solve our problem and issue us Nos of Plots no houses.

  13. shaikh says:

    Reality about BTK biggest Land grabbing and illegal project:

    Bahria Town should give this answer to Dawn before some one can take stay order from court ?

  14. shahid says:

    malik sahab hum logon ne 50% payment ki hai bahria main villa ki aur 2 plots ki..aaj tak humen ek eent bhi allot nahin hui..sharam humen aani chaye ya aapko?

  15. rizwan hyder says:

    Your progress and design , all are doing well. No doubt this new project is going to add stars to Metropolitan city Karachi. Good job Bahria , Malik Riaz and team and it is admirable.

    With such high lifted progress , I doubt why you can’t see huge incorporated corruptions in allotment of files/plot numbers within Bahria like Demand of illegal money for the sake of plot numbers allotment , Pay good commission and get good allotment – fixed commission rates are being set for different category allotments. Many genuine buyers like me are pending for their allotment since they have not paid yet to any bribe.

    I am still waiting for two of my plots number assignment , files & payments are up to date but still waiting for halal balloting procedure. If I agree to provide under table commission it can be processed in few days of time. Why i have to go for such under cover procedure.

    Come on !! plz pay attention to retrain your credibility. Why should i pay commission to get my allotment when i am genuine and up to date for payments. I am writing with high hopes that this forum is being read and monitor closely by bahria management.

    I wish Malik Riyaz can read himself and respond.

    Request from a Pakistani residing abroad.

    With all due respect and thanks.

    Waiting for a response.

    • Mateen says:

      Malik Riaz can hardly read his name… people who invest initially on this bloody corrupt malik projects more than 80% are in big loss and don’t get any allotment and after so many years they get their money back with devaluation per no. Of years, as the same dirty games thus bastard played in bahria Lahore

  16. Abdul Ghaffar Hon Sub Lt (R) PN says:

    sir thank you very much for this good information we all members are appreciated you and preying for your good health and long life I hope you will not step back for helping and improving the country and I request you sir can you give some concession to the members those or are paying there installment in time regularly sir please some families are paying this installment of plots difficultly. It will be your great help for them and they alway pray for you.

  17. saima imtiaz says:

    plz issue me baharia town home 200 sq as I have completed 9th installment. ..saima imtiaz my registration no.BTKH RSHOB15. .every time telling balloting within 2 weeks, until now not alloted. .pls request to you issue us banglow. .thank you

  18. usman says:

    aslamu alikum

  19. Abbas aziz Mughal says:

    Salam I wish a very warm welcome you appreciation activities. God bless you & your family.

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