Message of Chairman Bahria Town ‘Malik Riaz Hussain’ – May 2018

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Message of Chairman Bahria Town ‘Malik Riaz Hussain’ – May 2018

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  1. Sunny sajjad says:

    You already cheated many many innocent peoples of Karachi.I hope you can’t do more business of so called files business.we know in the ballot all rubish plots you are alotting peoples and all the good numbers and location you are keeping to gain profit.

    Bharia town Karachi is only for file selling.

    Real peoples who wanted to live real life they are just waiting for so called rubish ballot.

    Sure Bharia town can’t establish living there even more 3years until they don’t do real ballot.


    • unknown says:

      Has he came to your home and pushed you to invest.

      I dont know why peoplbleasily blame others.

      If you are wise enough souyoushuould not invest.

      Ghar say paker kay naheen lay gaya tha malik riaz.


    Wait brothers and see good points about bharia also
    What a new karachi looks like
    Malik Riaz will solve the problem inshAllah

  3. Bushra Shaikh says:

    I just want to know what exactly going on ?
    Mrs Qaisar from USA

    • Zulfiqar Farooqui. says:

      Mr. Riaz Malik has to pay actual price of the land as per board of revenue assessment and I am sure after he paid to BOR everything will be fine.
      Although Zardari and his team try to sell land of Karachi on very low price with possible huge kick back and partnerships but it did not workout only thing I know what came out good out of this deal that people of Pakistan especially people living in Karachi will be proud to have Bahria Town.
      Sometimes Allah does the miracle and make gold out of dust and use people like Riaz Malick the great businessman and Zardari the great cheater ( My apology for using this word), but at the same time I acknowledge them because no body on earth can make this dream come true.
      Zulfiqar Farooqui

  4. Adnan says:

    Waiting for 10 May balloting, is it happening ?

  5. Rohail khan says:

    Regarding bahria sport city. Every where in karachi you can see property price is increasing trend but now almost bahria sport city 3rd year started but prizes is now -ve , we can see prec 45 -ve 5 lac. What is this ???
    Please stop play with peopels.

  6. Safdar Dhaninani says:

    I have paid my all Installements and i supposed to get possesion but instead of that I even didn’t get my house number yet, People who put their whole savings of life are at risk, this is just not a matter of flat, plot or house but it is the matter of life.
    I hope Bahria town full fill their promise and deal with public honestly by giving possession of their propties as soon as possible.

  7. Taqi Hassan says:

    Mr. Malik Riaz, I am sure you are aware that bharia town is accepting money towards file number with no allotments of plots. ( you don’t have that many plots that you have already sold ) I am a victim myself of this Booking scheme on a reference number. When i stopped making payments I was threatened that my “FILE will be BLOCKED”. i told your CS manager Haroon Rasheed, that i will only make payment when i will have allotment number of plot…They laughed..I have their emails on file…. Later when i went to Karachi and visited your office with a check of USD $ 14000.00 as partial payment to release my Plot, i was told by your employees that “Your File is blocked and no payment can be accepted.” my money is still stuck with bharia town karachi. I live in Canada and can not make trips to Pakistan to take you to court. Don’t worry, i will collect my money on the day of the judgement. But Stop. I don’t think that you believe in judgement day or Islam/ do you? ..Oh yeah, you are making asia’s biggest mosque in Bharia Town karachi, that will surely give you ticket to Janat. Enjoy your paradise. ( Here on earth ). Taqi Hassan.

  8. Pervez says:

    I totally agree with Sunny Sajjad comments. At the time of balloting of Bahria Paradise I have seen a advertisement showing that if any one want Corner, Boulevard, Road facing PLOT etc then extra amount of Rs.5-10 lacs pay to Authorised Dealers. I called Bahria Head Office and they reply that we have a quota for Authorised Dealers. Sham on Riaz Malik. YE QUOTA KIYA HOTA HAI. Bahria donot think about small investors. SAB MILI BHAGAT HAI – MASJID BANANEY SE KUCH NAHI HOTA GARIB LOGO KI DUA LO. YEH SUB HAMARA PAISA HAI. 1 LAC KA PLOT 20-25 LACS MAI SOLD KIYA. MALIR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, GOVERNMENT OF SINDH AUR BAHRIA INVOLVED HAI.

  9. shaheen says:

    I am now worry about hear these news please tell me what is this because i paid all installment . Please clear this matter and tell us clear details .

  10. Dr. Qasim Ali says:

    Hi Respected friends.
    With due respect to CJ of Pakistan.
    I humbly request you that what is our the poor people mistake so that we are punished.
    If and IF you want to punish the culprits punish those corrupt politicians who sold the peoples land and all those officers who made the way clear for Bahria town to purcjase that land. I have 2 plots in Sports City one in Precinct 42 very faaaaar away and other 34. I was the 1st to purchase the files after announcement . i am regularly paying the money but still on file numbers not on plot numbers even though i am informed about my Plots numbers.
    My appeal to CJ is kindly don’t punish the common people. they have already suffered too much. If you have strength to punish the culprits then punish those who top the deal.and those news papers who widely publish those advertisements with knowing the truth.
    Dr. Qasim Ali

  11. Dr. Qasim Ali says:

    Punish the bureaucrats, ministers, PPP dakoos, KDA, and KMC chieftains.

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