Message of Chairman Bahria Town ‘Malik Riaz Hussain’ on the Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Message of Chairman Bahria Town ‘Malik Riaz Hussain’ on the Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan dated May 2018.

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  1. Farhan Rasool says:
    Just check this video
    Sports city precincts 41-45 you don’t havr land
    Negative since it’s launch and we are paying for on map plots.
    Bulshit bahria

  2. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Allah o Akbar
    Clints say aap hain kindly earlier clint complaints solve and respect them in all project of pakistan.People are very worried and angry with your office persons behaviour. They are not solved the problem and caĺled reapitidyl for small paper work.
    Muhammad Iqbal

    • Hamid says:

      I agree with Mr. Iqbal office staff did not resolve any issue. I request to give me a possession since I payed all payment including possession fee on Aug 2017 till today office staff giving me running around bring this bring that wait 2 week come back next week. this how they work.

  3. Khalid Naseer says:

    All I want to know; will still be balloting take place on the announced date which was 15/May/2018?

  4. Nadeem says:

    I heard this news that MR and his family planning to leave pakistan.Allah tala apna karam kara un logon par who invested hard earned money in Bahria projects.I invested my whole life money so pray for me even i can’t sell because market is down since SC order.

  5. Shamim Osman says:

    Bahria is a Major project in which almost everyone is involved and people especially of Karachi have invested their hard earned money, therefore, no one can think of jeopardizing the integrity of its hard work. The news which are floating in the Market are basically rumors created by the Real Estate Agents so that they can grab good deals from frantic sellers, if or otherwise, it’s a sound investment and much more better than DHA because it has got ground reality. Don’t be victim of Real Estate Agents of Karachi, In sha Allah after Ramadhan you will see the prices shoot up again.

  6. Fahim says:

    I have 125 yards home in Pr 11. I just visited after paid the last installment. Home is almost near to handover. I seen labour is working around at other homes as well. It will be handed over near Eid. So far I have no complaint.

  7. FAROOQ says:

    We need to know which land is highlighted by Supreme Court, which percent come under illegal area, we are worried on our plant, my plot is in Percent 21, is this also in RED ZONE?

  8. harim says:

    the estate agents of bharia town are very bad. they donot want to see people in bharia town . they are spreading rumors and bullshits of malik riaz. spreading fire and fear ……so its my request to higher management to look into the matter and take serious action

  9. Syed Shah says:

    Dear Management,

    sorry to say your Office Employees atitude is very bad to our customer. we feel all employees status like a owner. miss behave. that one of the reson to bad image of Bharia Town…
    please look this area sereiously.


  10. Waleed says:

    Was court sleeping when it say bahria pindi and lahore projects were also illegal. It was bahria’s credibility of these projects that common people invested in it. How can common man know
    sindh gov and bahria ke darmian kia khichri pak rahi ha. Kash hamare court timely decision lay ab 4 years baad unhe pata chala ke ye sab illlegal ha

  11. Ammar says:

    what about the on going installments ?
    i am not sure should i be paying the on going installments in this case ? and what do you people say ?

  12. Yolanda says:

    If some one wishes to be updated wwith hottest technologies afterward
    he mut be go to see tthis website and bee up to date every day.

  13. Bahria Town it’s legal alhamdulillah says:

    Malik ryaz best of luck inshallah you will do it jo shaks logo ka acha soche woh hamesha jeet ta hai

  14. Kashan4u says:

    Dear higher management,
    After see the comments above, and has been listening since the start of this bahria Karachi project about the behavior of your public staff, which is really bad , and totally against the face of this project, and found not even a single reply from your staff, people continuously giving you feedback, but I think there is no one who knows the importance of feedback, just look up all comments nothing found in reply from staff side, which representing a horrible performance from your customer care department.

    Coming towards on going matter, I hope, prey and wish u all the best, because I also have a plot in project paid all the dues, our family invested whole life savings, in a hope one day we get plot in bahria it’s my request to you kindly assist and timely inform us what’s going on, which part of lend is effected by SC decision, we investers have nothing to do with what mr. Malik Riaz did, we just saw and then invested on what he delivered.
    Kindly reply this time.

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