Jamia Masjid – Precinct 1 (Bahria Town Karachi)

Bahria Town is a pretty spirit lifting place to live. The nature-full serene setting reminds us all of the boundless blessings Allah, The Creator, has arranged for our peace. “The Home of Allah”, Mosques, in such settings is but our humble effort to thank our Allah Almighty for His kindness. Bahria Town has provisioned each residential Sector with a mosque. Parking space is also available within mosque compounds.

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  1. arshad says:

    Jazak Allah its splendid.

  2. M.Yousuf Akhtar says:

    These are pics. or real construction todate? Is this grand mosque?

    • Mir Ghulam Qadir Talpur says:

      These are actual photos of Masjid e Ashiq Precent 1. Alhumdolillah Prayers are held 5 times a Day

  3. Mohammad SAC says:

    Be kind and honest to Allah’s creature and fulfill all your promises , then Allah swt will be happy with you.


    Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah hu Akbar
    & Masha Allah

  5. M.akram.s says:

    Jazak Allah mashallah allah give you more and more

  6. Zafar says:

    Mashaallah, these are the real pics of Masjid-e-AAshiq in Precinct – 1 near main gate. This is not Grand Mosque. Grand Mosque is 6-7 mins drive from main gate. I am the resident of Precinct – 1.

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