Few Glimpses of Bahria Town Tower Karachi

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A few glimpses of Bahria Town Tower on Tariq Road, Karachi. Fully constructed building with offices and shops ready for business.

Located on Tariq Road next to McDonalds, opposite to the former Allah Wali Chowrangi, the Bahria Town Tower is ideally located in the heart of the commercial hub of the metropolis with many corporate, retail and residential communities in close proximity.

Bahria Town Tower Karachi is a multi-purpose, smart building that will change the way business & retail is done in the metropolis. The Tower will revolutionize the commercial infrastructure of Karachi by fulfilling the corporate & retail requirements of a 21st century metropolitan city.

Standing tall at 275 ft with 24 storeys dedicated to world-class spaces. In the shopping mall you will find everything you need under one roof. An entire retail floor has also been designed specifically for a ‘Gold Souk’ inspired by Dubai. There is also a recreation floor with a food court and a Gold-Class movie theater.

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  1. Memon says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to get some information about Bahria Town Tower.
    do you still have available one apartment in Town Tower.?

  2. Memon says:

    Dear Jawaid Ali

    Thank you so much for your reply, can you send me some details, how much price is and what is the size of apartment ?

    Please email me on memonar322@yahoo.com


  3. Syed Wajih Ul Wahab says:

    Dear Sir

    Can you please advise floor plan and payment schedule for offices in Bahria town tower.

    I am a registered and verified file holder for office.


    Syed Wajih Ul Wahab

  4. Syed Wajih Ul Wahab says:

    Dear Sir

    Any update on completion or launch date.


    Syed Wajih Ul Wahab

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