FBR Property Valuation Table (Tax) of Bahria Town Karachi

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued property valuation table for Bahria Town Karachi that fall under section 68 of the Income Tax (Amendment) Ordinance 2016. The valuation shows various catagories of open and constructed Resident and Commerical Plots, Homes and Apartments.

The valuation of residential open plot is now Rs 8500 per square yard; residential built up property at Rs 10000 per square yard while the value of commercial open plot is Rs 38000 per square yard.

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  1. ILMUDDIN says:

    Shame on Legal Bhatta.

  2. Khalid Aziz says:

    Whatever tax they will collect will go into the pockets of corrupt people governing country,it will neither change the country’s conditions nor of poor struggling people. Better to change the corrupt politicians whoever they are and punish them so that in future no one can even think of corruption. Then the tax collection will be fruitful otherwise no way at all.Ordinary people are already paying high taxes in the form of high prices of electricity, gas,patrol, food etc. Of course this step will discourage the investment specially the hardworking people leaving abroad will think twice investing in their own country.

  3. nadim says:

    Shame on Legal Bhatta Don (Dollar Dar)

  4. M.SHAFIQUE KHAN says:

    I AM A ITP I AM REQUEST YOU PLEASE EMAIL ME WHAT IS YOUR union council TOWN name. required for client wealth statement under section 162(2) / NTN purposes. BHARIA TOWN KARACHI.

  5. Majid Hasan says:

    What about WHT with holding TAX if we sell our 125 Sq. Yr. Plot

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