[Booking Started] Bahria Town Karachi – Complete Payment Schedule

Booking has started for Bahria Town Karachi’s Residential and Commercial Plots, Bahria Apartments and Bahria Homes. Here are the complete details:

For more updates  or any query , kindly email at bahriatowntoday@gmail.com

Residential Plots

Bahria Town Karachi - Residential Plots Payment Schedule

Commercial Plots

Bahria Town Karachi - Commercial Plots Payment Schedule

Bahria Homes

Bahria Town Karachi - Bahria Homes Payment Schedule

Bahria Apartments

Bahria Town Karachi - Bahria Apartments Payment Schedule

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Bahria Town Karachi - Complete Payment Schedule

Bahria Town Karachi – Location Map

Bahria Town Karachi Location Map


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  1. bilal shahid says:

    BTK is turning out to be a great roulette table with twists n turns of booking forms, registration n now token money 🙂 I reckon there will be a great gamble happening in next few months.

    Goodluck fellas!

  2. Dawood says:

    I have a commercial slip, can I book a residential with it?

  3. Ziaulhaq says:

    I was not able to register. How can I register myself now?

    • fahem says:

      have 1 non-open registration slip for sell of BTK 125sq ft home

      if anyone interested then contact me with 450,000 the terms that if it successful then we will divide the profit or own money equally. All terms and condition will be written on 100 rupees stamp paper and the original stamp paper will be kept by the investor not the original slip holder.

      and believe me it will success because very rare persons fill slip for the home




  4. faisal khan says:

    after giving advance for 1.5 lakh later in draw name not came than how much they will return,any idea ???

  5. can you please tell me the exact location of bahria town residential plots.
    also the total price of 500 sq.yds residential plots and future prospect of this investment.
    also down payment of this plot and mode of payments for the rest of payments and the time period.
    I am in USA so I want to know the method of payment in US $ and the last date of the down payment. thanks a lot and requesting the answers ASAP.. ALLAH HAAFIZ

  6. M.RIAZ KHAN says:

    I am interested for booking plot bharitown

  7. Nawaz Khan says:

    very poor, I was thinking that after registration I just have to submit the application form and if my name is selected in balloting then i need to submit the money but again they are asking money as a Token then why did they took registration money?

  8. Syed says:

    Its way way expensive….

    DHA City 300 Sq yard was around 11.5 Lacs. In Bahria 250 Sq yards cost 28.5 Lacs. More than Double, wow…

    Even Bahria 125 sq yard is 1.5 time than DHA City 300 Sq yards.

    Seems DHA City is much better options. Bahria is now starting looting the people…

    • Aamir Hamza says:

      Difference of the location matters my dear.. Agreed price of BTK is higher than DHA City but still Bahria has always delivered their projects and as far as DHA City is concerned its seems no progress till 2020

      • Mohammad says:

        Whether or not Bahria delivered, but it did deliver a blow to hanky panky short term investors. First registration fee and now token fee. I feel pity at your ignorance on how many more different fees you will pay.

      • Syed says:

        There is no huge difference in distances of both schemes from Toll Plaza.

        BTK is around 9-10 KM, while DCK is 25 KM from Toll Plaza… Considering travelling on Highway and covering this 15 KM does not make much difference, So you can say both schemes are 10 mins apart. No big deal..

        Whatever DCK is doing atleast doing cleanly. While Bahria seems to concentrating more on making Money, still things did not get open BTK and not clear to general public…

        Keeping eyes on Ground work, DCK progress is satisfactory, While BTK is no where on the ground, So i do not think 4-year time line also practical..

        • asif says:

          dear syed, for the short and mediom term, these 15 KMs are for sure a 10 minutes drive. But, imagine the new karachi emerging on super highway after both bahria town and dha city are 50% occuppied, and may other societies coming up between, the super highway would not be enough to accommodate such numbers of vehicles and will get congested, hence, these 15 KMs will not be a 10 minutes, but 30-40 minutes drive.

          And, beyond 25+ years, one can imagine super highway upto DHA city becoming another Shara-e-Faisal.

          Morale: The nearer, the better!

          • Syed says:

            Brother, if you know DCK is in the phase of almost getting the approvals to build the link road directly connecting city to DCK, (for moer details refer back to DHA website), then there will be two routes to reach DCK…. Anyhow with the passage of time concerned authorities has to take required step to upgrade road and transportation infrastructure for this part of the city because without any doubt in future this part of the city is going to be the Key for the residential/commercial and industrial activities.

          • Ejaz Haider says:

            Please do read the newspapers of 28th January 2014 in which there is a news of upgrading Karachi – Hyderabad Super Highway to a Motorway, and secondly, dear please do study the DCK map very closely and carefully, they have plans to build a Malir Express Way, joining Karachi from Malir side to sector 15 of DCK, this development will give a big boost to DCK and half of the DCK travellers would use Malir Express Way, please study everything when u talk about something……

      • Noman khan says:

        dear aamir, its not like that organization matters (DHA is a reputable organization). difference in all means, payment schedule by BT is very tight (more than 01 Lac quarterly for 125 sq, yard but for DHA, only 20 Thousand quarterly for 200 sq. yards), phase wise development work on DCK has already started and speedy continues all happening as per commitment at site. plz visit DCK (a free of cost metro Bus services offer allottees to visit on daily basis from DHA main Office to DCK). it is all of trust, commitment and integrity and Organization reflect by DHA. BT just washed out general public its all about special people but BT is not any more special………..

  9. Naeem says:

    Will token money be deducted from the total amount? Also if I don’t want to continue in the scheme what’s the procedure of selling or refund. Any feedback really appreciated. Thanks

  10. Syed says:

    I think bahria should refund our money back and we should waite for DHA City karachi.

    Day by Day bahria is breaking our trust

  11. AMIR says:

    Yes , it is true great gamble and great game ….

  12. Adil Kamdar says:

    Token Money for what reason? Unless they should make us final alotee what to do with token money

    • Nawaz Khan says:

      They (BTL) will keep the token money in banks and earn the profit. How could bahria town could say that this scheme for general public?

  13. Hassan says:

    those who believe in BT should ask Malik riaz a question that what is the future of DHA Valley islamabad where ppl like me invested hard earned money thinking its a DHA project but all ruined when got to know that Malik Riaz is the master mind behind this project and till today DHA Islamabad has lost all its faith…due to Malik Riaz…..ppl stay away from Malik riaz and BT

  14. asif says:

    All nonsense. every other day, bahria is breaching people’s trust. at the time of registration process, they announced that booking forms will be delivered at homes through couriers. is there anyone in bahria, goivernment or do we need a suo motto notice from higher courts.

    here is the url of the ad that promises that booking forms will be delivered through couriers:


    Even, if Bahria had resort to not sending the forms through coriers, booking forms should be given to people having a registration slip/open certificate/transafer letter (whatever the case may be), withouth any fee.

    these guys are looting people of their hard earned money. all the agents are queuing up at bahria offices to get hold of the booking forms so that they can earn some money by selling it to registration holders at a higher (very very higher) price, which is the basic right of the registration holder.

    I want to warn bahria, if the registration holders dont’ get the booking forms, who’ll book? FARISHTEY?

  15. Nilofer says:

    Since BTK started with concealing such basic info like location and payment schedule, its ill intentions were clear from the first day. Btw, does anyone know that BT has unfulfilled promises in Punjab where people have paid in full but BT instead of delivering plots/ houses has promised adjustment in future projects. The whole BT business model is a Ponzi scheme, built on hype and media. Did make an excellent initial project in Pindi but then … just not clean. People, please hold on tight to your money, with news that Zardari is now a partner in BT.

  16. faisal khan says:

    Not exactly my cocern but I was wondering,he probably purchase the whole land from the money he got it from registration itself and probably one land not even cost him 1 lakh because its too far and he is selling commercial small plot for 1 crore 25 lakhs !!
    1 lakh for land + 10 lakh for facility + 1 crore 14 lakhs for name !!!

    This is called business !!!!!

  17. saad says:

    Rs 36,00,000/- THIRTY SIX LAKH quaraterly payment for 200 yards commercial!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
    for 20 installments it would be 7 Crore 20 Lakh?????

    Its unbelievable….such a high price!!!!! even CBD 200 yards in dha city peaked around 100 lakh with total payment of 38 Lakh in 10 years…. What a fraud bharia has done… who can other than investor will afford 36 Lakh quarterly payment…..Guess its time for DHA city to rise…
    See thats the difference between a commercial and organizational project.

  18. Noman Khan says:

    it seems all is dodging to innocent people again. first we registered ourself by payment of Rs. 15000 than again 10 times money (Rs. 150000)is demanding for initiating the process of booking that seems bad to me. now this project is now out of reach form lower middle class and middle-middle class too. more than 01 Lac Rupees after 3 month is impossible for them. BT should have to consider that class of people while planning the Project. “statement is different than the reality”. DHA City still best for this class of people who considered them in the project, however BT will play its role in progressive, well planned and residenciable project.

  19. Nafis Ahmed says:

    Had one booking at DCK, which involved me in all this and I thought BTK is also a good option as DCK will take long time to come through. However, after comming to know the current stataus, I am shocked. I did the registration as we were told that only registered people would be able to book and only the registered people would be able to enter for booking balotting. At some places in web I have been shown photos at BT office where booking forms are sold for 7-10 K. While me, a registered guy, am being asked to send my original registration form alongwith the token money to get the booking form. Also why token money now. BT has registered people. why not do balotting and ask the succesful people to pay the token money. If I do not get me in baltting than BT will have to return me my token money!
    All crazy and ridiculous stuff. How much money BT will make by collecting this token money from so many people and get profit on this until the balotting is done and unsuccesful people are refunded their token money back.
    Is there any concept of even little fair play in pakistan. Are there any regulatory authorities to monitor all this or it is all crap as usual in pakistan and specially in Karachi.

  20. Nafis Ahmed says:

    views from others to know if I am wrong specially BT

  21. mazhar says:

    It seems that BT is a big fraud like that of DHA Valley Islamabad. I would recommend to stay away from it.

  22. syed says:

    Is there anyone interested in purchasing Bahria Icon (not opened registration) slip

    people suggest me should i w8 for bahria icon scheme or go for BTK project?
    what will be BIT token & quaterly payement approx?? (+1 lak)

  23. Sajja Shah says:

    I am unable to understand the payment schedule for the Bahria Apartments. Can somebody please help?

    • faisal khan says:

      total amount mention minus (-) token amount = rest divide by mention installment.
      for example 1725000 for residential and having 16 installmment so the calulation will be like

      1725000-150000(token money)=1575000/16=98437.50 quaterly installment.
      I hope you got the clear picture.

  24. zia ahmed says:

    100% fraud granteed zardari and malik riaz are 50-50 partner so be carefull

  25. Zeeshan says:

    Now Bahria Town Karachi Booking Forms available on http://Bahriatown.com Downloaded form will be accepted.

  26. JS says:

    saad says:
    January 27, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Rs 36,00,000/- THIRTY SIX LAKH quaraterly payment for 200 yards commercial!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
    for 20 installments it would be 7 Crore 20 Lakh?????

    Its unbelievable….such a high price!!!!! even CBD 200 yards in dha city peaked around 100 lakh with total payment of 38 Lakh in 10 years…. What a fraud bharia has done… who can other than investor will afford 36 Lakh quarterly payment…..Guess its time for DHA city to rise…
    See thats the difference between a commercial and organizational project.

    ……………….Saad…I think you are making the same mistake I was. Token money is not your installment amount…total is 2 crore for 250 which is still high but imagine 25000 people living there and no way to come to Karachi so commercial activity would all be within BTK…

  27. MANEES says:


  28. syed says:

    I am interested in selling BAHRIA ICON TOWER un-opened file if any one interested call me a.s.a.p
    Syed Atif Ali

  29. JS says:


    MANY adverts are appearing on olx that for 20000 fee once can get a CONFIRMED plot – what is this? did something like happened in Lahore or pindi?

  30. Murtaza Mithani says:

    Looking at BTs other successful projects I’m very optimistic that BT will prove itself in Khi too.
    Good Luck.

  31. Ali says:

    I want to sell BTK Residential plot 500 sq. yard booking form.


  32. Ali says:

    I want to sell 500 Sq. yards residential plot in BTK with booking/fees.

    If anyone interested so contact me soon.


  33. Naved says:

    Plots available in Bahria town for sell after booking.

  34. Naved says:

    Plots available in Bahria town Karachi for sell after booking.

  35. Ameer says:

    I could not submit the form of membership due to your policies, now please guide me, how can I get membership and book home for my future?

  36. shahab says:

    I want to sell BTK 125sq ft token paid file
    demand 550,000/-
    only serious buyer can contact 03129249952

  37. Ali says:

    I want to sell 500 Sq. yards residential plot in BTK with paid booking fees.

    If anyone interested so contact me soon.


  38. ASHAR KHAN says:


  39. Why visitors still use to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is
    presented on net?

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  42. Ali says:

    I want to sell 500 Sq. yards residential plot in BTK.

    15lac + paid amount.

    If anyone interested so contact me soon.


  43. Abdul says:

    What is the difference between Villa BTK, IHO and Quaid Block in Bahria Town Karachi?

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