Bahria Town’s Official Statement on Rumours related to Bahria Sports City Karachi

Bahria Town’s statement on false and malicious rumours circulating on social media related to Bahria Sports City Karachi

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  1. Mirza Arifain says:

    Dear concern,

    I need to know , why the developments progress is slow in precinct 41 to 45 specially and why the latest price is going so much in negative.

    Hope to see reply

  2. Ishaq says:


    I dont see any such statement on Bahria’s website .

  3. Arif says:


    Are we suppose to continue the installments or wait until this issue is resolved. I belive Bahria should officially write to all affecties stating the truth about the situation and its resolution.

  4. Clearly, these rumors were spread on design to turn investors and potential buyers away from Bahria Town.

    • Mirza Arifain says:

      Do you still think that this is rumors , after knowing what has happened in Supreme court last week. I have a great concern , after judges comments on the land used for sports city .Hope it will End up in a good way.

    • Mirza Arifain says:

      Do you Still think that it is rumors after knowing what has happened in Supreme Court last week. Hope it will end up in a good way.


  5. Zeeshan says:

    I agree with previous comments. We are all wondering why precinct 41-45 are 20% down and when will Bahria start to give posession to those plot owners. The other point is how do we know if any of this official from Bahria?

  6. Zubair says:

    As of today (12th November 2018) Bahria web site (BTK rates) is showing the decline of precinct 44 plot prices further down. Can any official person from Bahria town provide the action plan from Barhria management in order to secure the interest of their customers?

  7. Ibtee says:

    I have a file for P44 from start and it’s showing minus 8 lacs as of now. Can someone guide if we should continue to pay the last 6 installments or wait for final decision from SC? It’s just way too big a loss for something that should give profits to investor.

  8. Qaisar says:

    I still haven’t received payment letter from Bahria which is due on 15-Mar-2019 for my sports city plot in precinct-43. What does that mean?

    • Arshed says:

      How many installments you have paid so far. I have up to 10 installments for my plot also in precinct 43.


      • Qaisar says:

        I have paid up to 10 installments, but as market news are all negative, 0% project development done so far and no way forward announced by Bahria for the investors, I am unwilling to pay any more installments.

      • syed says:

        10, what is your update arshad ??? what did you do with this plot ? refund 100 % ?

  9. Hunain Haroon says:

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  10. Khurram says:

    AoA,kya update hai P-40 ki?

  11. Muhammad Azam Khan says:

    Any 125 yards plot available on installment ?

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