Bahria Town Karachi’s Overseas Block – Complete Payment Schedule

After the most successful launch of Bahria Town Karachi in Pakistan’s Real Estate History. Bahria Town Karachi is now launching Overseas Block which is exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis. Last date of Booking is 10th March, 2014.

Bahria Town Karachi’s Overseas Block will consist of two blocks:

  • Lake View Block
  • Golf Course Block

For more updates  or any query , kindly email at

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Bahria Town Karachi’s Overseas Block - Complete Payment Schedule (1)

Bahria Town Karachi’s Overseas Block - Complete Payment Schedule (2)

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  1. Mustafa Tayab says:


    I am interested and what to know how do I proceed to purchase a plot of 500. I am overseas Pakistani and living in Houston, USA.

    Please advise.


  2. shawn says:

    I am interested and what to know how do I proceed to purchase a plot of 1000. I am overseas Pakistani and living in Houston, USA.

    Please advice me .

    Thank you,


  3. Sajid Aftab says:

    Interested in this new project- 4 Bedrooms Apt. However, the information does not tell me the location of this project . Also, let us know, where to send the application and Token money along with application fee, Do you have any Branch in United states and do you accept US Bank check
    Response will be greatly appreciated !

    • Omer says:

      BT did not accept Credit / Debit card and cheque.
      they accept DD / Pay order and in if you visiting their office they may accept the dollar cash payment.

      for more info feel free to call:

      USA Office

      BahriaTown LLC
      17 State Street
      Suite 4000
      NewYork , NY 10004 USA

      T: +1 212 739 0871-2
      Toll Free: +1 8778859707

  4. Omer says:

    Booking Process:

    Booking form fee = 10$ or 1000 Rs.
    The Processing Fee is US$75 for each category and size, and this fee need to be paid along with the Token amount. The processing fee is non – refundable and not the part of Total Amount.
    No registration is required in this project. Customer can directly apply on basis of him/ her being an Overseas Pakistani.
    The basic criterion to apply is that the applicant must be an Overseas Pakistani. This means that he/she must have nationality of Pakistan as well as a nationality of any other country.
    Copy of Applicant’s foreign Passport copy/ NICOP / Valid work permit / POC , Applicant’s and nominee’s CNIC copy and 2 passport size photographs of applicant have to be attached with the form.
    If you are unable to approach any of the Bahria Town National / International Office, Then can send the required documents along with required demand draft and filled booking form through courier to any BT office near them or to Bahria Town Karachi office.
    Payment can only be made in US Dollars through demand draft or pay order and can be submitted at Bahria Town offices or nationwide selected branches of HBL Bank, UBL and NIB Bank.
    Last Date to be a part of this lifestyle community is 10th March 2014.

  5. Muhammad Ali says:

    I am working in Saudi Arabia for the last 30 years having normal NIC not NICOP. Can I apply for a residential plot in Overseas Block.
    Please reply urgently.

  6. Nomi says:


    I have 250 sq yard confirmed plot in BTK Overseas Block.

    I have paid US $ 3325 and I want to sell this plot.

    If someone is interested so send me your offer.


  7. Nabeea says:

    I do not have NICOP , can I still apply ? I only have Pakistani passport and have green card , would that be enough ?

    • Omer says:

      that will be enough but dont forget to attach the visa page copy.

      for more info call the following number of BT head office.

      UAN: +92 51 111 333 888

      T: +92 51 5705801- 15

  8. Nomi says:


    I have 250 sq yard confirmed plot in BTK Overseas Block.

    I have paid US $ 3325 and I want to sell this plot.

    If someone is interested so send me your offer.


  9. Khan says:

    What do you mean by nominee? who could be my nominee?

  10. Sam says:

    AOA, we live in saudia. How can we apply from here and would Iqama will be needed as a proof document if NICOP not available?
    pls help.

  11. Sam says:

    no one is picking up the call, can u please mention the courier address of BT head office??


  12. Raza says:

    It seems like an overseas pakistani have to pay more than $600 each month for 250 yards plot

    32500 – 3250 = 29250

    29250 / 16 (installments) = 1828

    $1828 after every 3 month.. too much for an average pakistani who lives and work abroad

    So, the big question is TRUST, can we trust BTK and give $32,500 to BTK

    • Omer says:

      Total Price in PKR for Bahria town Karachi = 32, 50000

      32,500 $ x 100 = 32,50000 PKR

      BAHRIA GREENS (Overseas Enclave )ISD

      Market Price (average) 700,0000 PKR

      so, difference of plot price on company rate and open-market rate is:

      70,00000 – 32,50000 = 3750000 PKR
      3750000 / 100$ = 37,500$

      so based on the market price investment will be double. so at the end when people selling plot it will be 70000 $.

  13. Raza says:

    looking at the comments on this forum and other forums it seems like BTK is loosing its customer’s faith and trust

    • Ahmed says:

      With all due respect, I personally thnink that we should thank Allah that Mr. Malik Riaz has offered huge deal of his personal investment in Karachi. I am thankfull to Bahria Town, who has shown great interest in building karachi in the form of Bridges, underground tunnels and more than that bringig Bahria Town to Karachi. This project will help people of karachi interms of Jobs.

      So, I request to all who are complaining or not trusting Bahria to STOP writting. Therefore, if you do not agree with the Bahria Town’s Vission, please dont not buy ot offer your negative views.

      We have lost trust in builders and in many other firms. At once, we have a builder who is not only offering his sinecere help but also promise to built karachi. I am graciously thankful to Mr. Malik and Bahria Town for that.

      I have booked a plote in Overseas Bahria Karachi and even if I am paying little extra, so what. This extra money will be spent on people who are getting jobs from bahria town project.

      I request, if you dont have a good things to say, than, dont say it at all.

      I appreciate Mr. Malik and his team at Bahria Town.
      Thank you

  14. Mohammed saleem says:

    I have bad experience with DHA OFFICE STAFF at ISLAMABAD
    I have paid all amount of DHA OVERSEAS Block Phase 2
    and try to communicate with office staff calling from New York is already very costly and they don’t pickup telephone and if they do they not answer asked questions.
    neither they will reply your letters if you write them any detail of your problem or send them email will be no reply I sent my friend in ISLAMABAD office but the said we don’t have much time to talk.
    now they saying come to ISLAMABAD to Discuses and resolve any problem which you have.
    and its $ 1,700.00 is round trip ticket to go there
    so its only name overseas Block but they deal with us like we are garbage people after getting Money

  15. ahmad says:

    The prices are way too high as compared to local plot price, in my opinion its not worth it. its rip of.

    • Omer says:


      as of now there no such society around the national highway from which you can compare this project.

      if you are comparing with dumba goath and UJALA CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY LTD then this is not appropriate.


    • Ahmed Memon says:

      Its very simply, do not buy at Bahria if it is too much for you.

      It will be be always a case that some one will not be able to buy some thing due to his/her financial reach.

      That is why Allah has different levels of Junnah. Not all will go to the highest level of Junnah.

      Bahria is not to be compared with surround but its its past history, where it has delivered what Bahria promised.

  16. Ashar says:

    Alhumdullilah, I got the receipt of my token money and processing fee from Bahria office but also mentioned on top that ” FORM FEE NOT PAID” However, my documents and token money not refunded so thats mean I got the booking confirmation any how my question is What should I do for form fee ? as a oversease, I downloaded the forms from given website, should I pay this form fee later on in by adding in my installments money ???? pls advise. your reply will be highly appreciated.

  17. Ahmed Memon says:

    AOA: I have 250 syd plot in Overseas Karachi but I would like to buy 500 syd. If any body wants to exchange or sell 500 syd plote, please email or call me at


  18. Dr.Faisal Khan Lodhi says:

    All the management and other staffs of Bahria Town Overseas blocks are bull shit and group of stupid people,,,,,, I paid the token money for Bahria Town Homes (overseas Block) on 10th March…. till now I didn’t receive not a single document / or any confirmation receipt … I am still in a doubt that where is my bank draft of 4,900 USD goes??? even I call 10000 times but no one answer and no one bother to reply….worst n worst comes when my friend visited the office and gave me a call to talk they replied that we are not allow to talk on phone…. what this all bull shit….

  19. Ahmed Memon says:

    I am sorry to hear about your experience with bahria town. But, I was shock to read you abusive language as being a doctor. I am a nurse in US and have great respect for doctors.

    Bahria Town is a very big project as compare to your %4900…

    Please have some “SABER” may Allah help you. I have a complete trust in Bahria that they will do their best to fulfill their promise to complete the project.

    Even for some reasons, if bahria does not do it or complete their project, I will not blame them because they Bahria came to Karachi with a good intentions and Good heart.

    So, please avoid this language. Its shows your pesonality.

    Ahmed Memon

  20. roumail says:

    i am from London i got letter last week about payment plane and confirmation of my booking in overseas block (250 square y ).
    thanks got at last after long time i got some letter from them .
    i got one question i want to send payment online from my bank account they said i have to send us the copy of my swift message what is this means .?
    can any one explain about this

  21. Ahmed Memon says:

    I would like to buy 500 srd overseas. If any one interested please email me.

    I also have a friend who wants to sells 250 srd overseas and 500 srd regular plot btk.

    • ishaq says:


      Iam interested in 250sq yards plot my mail id is,

      Ishaq Dubai

    • Dr.Faisal Khan Lodhi says:

      Me and my friends (from Riyadh – Saudi Arabia) send the application on 10th March for Overseas Block …… till now we didn’t received any allotment or any confirmation paper ……. when ever we try to call no one answer in their office and if we send any of our friend to visit their office they are very rudely reply that they are not allow to talk to any one
      Can any one inform us that how we get to know that what is the status? how we can get our allotment papers ….. this mysterious behavior of them show that these all are scams and we lost our uge amount

      • Ahmed Memon says:

        I am wondering if you like to sell your application to me. Please contact me at


      • Babu says:

        Did you get any response from them recently.
        Regretfully their mechanism and motivation both are flattened due to recent court/administration decision against them. Few friends have applied for overseas block in March and still struggling to get a response from them. They have a web site to publish all procedures and announcements yet they fail to learn from their past experiences.

  22. Ahmed Memon says:

    Dear dr. Faisal.

    I am sorry that you have been unfortunate in the bahria project. If you like to sell your file, please contact me at


  23. Faisal says:

    i want to buy file of 200 yard home in bahria town karachi or 250 yard residential plot. reall sellers contatc me through email.


  24. ASHAR KHAN says:


  25. Arshad says:


    I booked one plot in Bahria town karachi overseas block. I have transferred the down payment and have sent my application form/documents to Bahria Town karachi by post/corrier. After having been passed more than two months I didn’t receive any payment confirmation or any application confirmation and any acknowledgement from Bahria town karachi. I laso have tried to reach them via their provided telephone numbers but bell rings and nobody attends the call.

    I don’t know what should I do. I would appreciate your advise and if you share your experience regarding such matters with Bahria Town.


    • Dr.Faisal Khan Lodhi says:

      Dear Arshad

      I have the same situation like you ….. you can say its a copy paste….. I wrote several emails, here in this blogs, posted on face book ….. but no results…. I am just afraid of losing my huge amount….. if you receive anything from them kindly update me at



      • Syed says:


        I got the letter from them 1 week ago.They have asked to send the first installment till 10th june 2014.I AM LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT READING THE REVIEWS OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT WHAT THEY ARE DOING ..WHY STILL NOT MANY OF PEOPLE GOT ANY LETTER..

  26. ahmed memon says:

    I have a 250 overseas plot but its small for my family. that is why I am looking for 500 overseas plot. Any one interested to sell 500 overseas, please contact

    I also have 250 overseas of some one with 500 overseas wants to exchange???

  27. Wasif says:

    I have a 250 yards plot in overseas block. I just need to know my next installment date and how can I pay from New York USA.

    Please describe in details. Thanks

  28. Nirmal says:

    I have booked 500 yards plot in overseas block but have not received yet any intimation for instalment. Appreciate if you can guide if I need to get in touch with them to know the next step in the process.

    • NJ says:

      I have two plots, 500 sq yard each in Overseas Block- Karahi, received acknowlegement of first installment- payment received by New York Bahria Office,they have been very helpful, kindly contact your designated office immediately for assistance.

  29. sadia says:

    Hi, I am interested to get a 200Day home listed under overseas scheme, can I still apply for it? If I can what is the procedure to do so?
    Thank you.

  30. Muhammad Khalil says:

    I want to buy 500 yard plot in oversease block.
    email :

  31. ALI says:

    I want to sell 250 yard plot in overseas block.

  32. Aamir Sohail says:

    Dears, i want to buy 200 yard Bahria Home in overseas block.
    if anyone interested please send me the details on my email or call me

    email is
    you can call 00968 96188675



  33. Aamir Sohail says:

    Dears, i want to buy 200 yard Bahria Home in overseas block.
    if anyone interested please send me the details on my email or call me

    email is
    you can call 00968 96188675



  34. Us936 says:

    Looking for 500 yds plot in BTK overseas block if some one interested to sell please let me know.

  35. Ali says:


    I am interested in 125 / 250 Sqyrd plot in Karachi & 200 Yrds Bahria Homes in Karachi.If any one have & willing to sell it please contact with me.My details are as follows


  36. Riaz mohammad says:

    AOA I have 3 plots 250 sq yards BTK overseas block I want to sale i paid all 3 installment each my demand is 25000/$ each + installment I m in Dubai UAE to contact me 00971507280200

    • Khalid Memon says:

      sallam,,, i wish to buy each plz let me know total amout.. thanks

      • Khalid Memon says:

        Salaam, i want to buy all 3 you got but, can you what are the total amounts(in Pakistan currency) of each plots?

      • Mohd khan says:

        My final demand is with 2 installment 250 sq yards Overseas block is total $.20.000/dollar any interested person plzzzz call Dubai.00971507280200

        • zubair soho says:

          I am interested to buy. please can you email me details of plots and total amount so I can work out.
          Let me tell you I am a serious buyer.

  37. Nadir Hashmi says:

    I want to sell my two 500 square yard overseas block plots.
    I Have paid 13,350 USD ( 4950 USD plus three instalments of 2800 USD) per plot.
    Need to sell fast . Please message me if interested.

  38. Javed says:

    I am interested in Bahria town 500 plot and Bahria height apartment. My email is

  39. Khalid Memon says:

    im intrested 2 buy 500 wats yours demanad plz reply

  40. Adil says:


    How much for Bahria overseas 250sq Yards plot?


  41. Mehr says:

    dear sir
    i want to know about the 500sq plot ? i am overseas pakistani and i have foreign passport . so please send me details in email price , payment trems , subments dacuments , or if any …
    waiting for ur prompt reply .
    ur best rgd

  42. Nirmal says:

    i want to sell 500 yards plot in overseas block. if interested email me at

    • Naveed says:

      What is your demand without installments, where are you located, does the plot as any additional options or is it with no options.kindly let me know best way to contact you.
      Thank You

  43. Shoaib Khan says:

    Assalam O Alykum,
    I am selling 125 sq yards villa in overseas block and have paid 10% down payments (token) that is 4975 USD and 3 installments. If someone is interested to purchase it please email me for further discussion. Thank you

  44. Zeen says:


    I am interested in 125 Sqyrd plot in Karachi Bahria Homes in Karachi.If any one have & willing to sell it please contact with me.My details are as follows.

    • junaid says:

      Assalam o.alikum how are you?
      I m interested in oversease and local plot of 250 Sq yard and 500 sq yard in Bahria . I m living in saudia please advise me the details of price and installment. And final prices.

      00966590145050 whatsup

      • Mrs khan says:

        I want to sale my 250 yards plot in overseas block but due to some reasons i eant to sale it.please contact me via email

      • mukesh Chouhan says:

        I am in Dubai and I would like to buy a 250 sq.yrd united in overseas sector in Bharia town Please let me know your price details and point of contact to complete the procedure.

  45. Atif says:

    Hello, I’am willing to sell 250sq. residential plot. I have paid 6 instalments. Deal is good and straight forward.
    If interested, contact by whatsapp : +965 66047446 (Kuwait)

  46. Atif says:

    Hi All, I’am willing to sell my 250sq. (10 marla) residential plot located in BTK (overseas block). I have paid 6 instalments. Deal is fair and straightforward.

    For people who are interested:

    contact via whatsapp: +965 66047446.


  47. Muhammad Khurram Ali says:


    I am interested for Bahria Homes (200 Sq).
    Can you please advice the procedure.
    thanks and regadrs

  48. Waqar says:

    Dear All

    I am interested to sell my 250 Sq Yd Corner with 10% Extra in OVERSEAS BLOCK. With 5 Installments paid.

    If any body is interested he can send an email with offer.

    Early bird will get the best price.
    Contact: 00971501276772 or 00971554966179

  49. wajahat says:

    i am intrested in buying 250 yd overseas karachi email me final prize please

  50. Asif says:

    I m interested in oversease and local plot of 250 Sq yard and 500 sq yard in Bahriatown Karachi. I m living in saudia please advise me the details of price and installment. And final prices.

    0096543768516 whatsup

  51. Danish Khan says:

    Salam Dear

    I purchased 500Sq plot in Bahria Town. I just need the back detail in Saudi Arab to transfer installment.
    kindly please let me know if it possible.

  52. Ahmed says:


    Overseas plot 250 available for sale. Files cost $ 15,000 + 6 installments. $11,000.

    $ 26,000.


  53. ahmed gajiyan says:

    i m in seattle /wa can you plese and information foe me ,i like buy home in bahria town in karachi ,,

    thank You,,

  54. Yasir says:

    I want to sell my balloted 125 and 250 sq yd plots…
    If any one interested contact me on this no

  55. Salman says:

    When the second balloting will going to be held?

    Please let me know!

  56. Noor says:

    I am looking for 250 sq yards balloted plot in Overseas block BTK. Please whatsapp me on 03135127171 with demand and isntalment details. Prompt payment assured.

  57. Ayaz Rasheed says:

    I want 2 sell 250 yrds plot in precient 16. 8 installments are paid. What would be the expected offer.plot no is 691.

  58. Muhammad Essa says:

    I want to buy 250 sq oversees plots P1 send me your demands. Location

  59. saeed ahmed says:

    what is your address in JLT dubai

  60. Hajazi says:

    Can anyone know about the Bahria town new office in Dubai in deira in Centurian tower 303 block B
    I have visited there but stilli there ok like want to confirm is it real or fake becauase
    it seems to look like as fake Bahria Office

  61. Masud says:

    Hi ,

    I am interested to sell my overseas 250 yards plot in Karachi and all payments are made.

    If anyone is interested, please you may reach on my following number.
    054 558 8635.


  62. Malik says:

    Dear All
    I am interested to sell my overseas 250 yards plot in Karachi BT Sport City P44 and all payments are made.
    If anyone is interested and need more details, please you may reach on my following number.

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