Bahria Town Karachi – The Largest Ever Real Estate Booking in Pakistan

As Bahria Town Karachi already made history by introducing new terminology of Client Registration Process (First time ever in the Real Estate history of Pakistan) and that registration slip made Best ROI ever (10 times within 45 days) PKR. 15000/= slip sold at 150,000/= even more than this and finally settled at this price level.

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Bahria Town Karachi – Location Map

After this registration slip, once again new thing came up that the registration form of worth Rs. 500/= sold up to Rs. 100,000/=, though it stand for very short span of time but it happened. There are many reasons behind all these unusual things but most important is people’s trust on Bahria Town that whatever happen people will get the benefit, and because of this trust things ultimately comes in positive note and people make money.

The most amazing thing in all this is that billions of rupees were involved and traded. Many people made huge money including a Common Pakistani and Bahria Town itself, without any information of particular land or even vicinity in which this project will be construct. Nobody had idea about where this Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) will be developed. But people have faith that if Bahria Town even did not have land yet, they will buy it and fulfill their commitment they made to the people of Karachi and all over Pakistan or even many overseas as well.

Bahria Town Karachi – Complete Payment Schedule

The location, unit details and price structure of Bahria Town Karachi were announced on Sunday, 26th January 2014 and finally booking started only for 13 Days (26 Jan to 07 Feb). This time on the very first day again application forms started trading and many people again bought these forms on higher price and even the price touched PKR. 20,000/= of PKR. 1000/= form at one stage, but all this end on Monday evening when forms were available in the Banks as well.

Bahria Town Expectations

Booking response was bit slow in the first week according to Bahria Town expectations, but as nobody knows the exact number of applicant even earlier when client’s registration offered and this time again the same policy. Nobody knows the exact numbers, though the response was not according to Bahria Town expectations. There were few reasons behind this low response.

  1. After the registration of Rs. 15,000/=, Plot’s price were expected on lower side.
  2. Many people assumed that the earlier registration slips were eligible for Balloting and there will be no need to pay another amount to enter in balloting.
  3. Most of the people have more than one registration slips and actually they can’t afford to submit multiple application with minimum amount 150,000/= (difficult to manage for a common man).
  4. For new comers, they have to buy open certificate cost starting from Rs. 180,000/=, which later came down to 125,000/= but this amount looks like will be wasted in case of unsuccessful balloting.

These factors made this booking response bit slow in the first week. In the second week after the advertisement from Bahria Town, offer discount amount will be refunded as cash reward (**Conditions Apply) created positive impact plus low price of Open Certificates were encouraging for many people and massive number of people take part in this booking. Bahria Town Karachi got the huge response ever in the Real Estate history of Pakistan.

Bahria Town Karachi - Discount Offer

Many people expected that the date will be extend from 7th February, 2014 but it didn’t. This sounds very positive and professional touch that date is final. Though many brokers still offer that submission is still possible and few people take advantage of this offer and submitted their booking forms.

Price Analysis for Plots, Homes and Apartments

For the people of Karachi it’s a new thing that a private builder offered gated community with not only Plots, it also offers Apartments and Bungalows. Even the Bungalows price, (Bahria Homes) is very much attractive compared to plots and apartment.

Residential Plot Prices:

  • Price range from Rs. 8600/= to 13800/= per Square Yard
  • Sizes from 125, 250, 500,1000 and 2000 Square Yards

Commercial Plots Prices:

  • Price range around Rs. 100,000/= per Square Yard
  • Sizes from 125, 200 and 250 Square Yards

Bahria Apartments Prices:

  • Price range is the same for all the sizes which is Rs. 2800/= per Square Feet
  • Sizes from 2-Bed (950 sqft), 3-Bed (2250 sqft) and 4-Bed (2950 sqft)

Bahria Homes Prices:

  • Price range from Rs. 2227/= to 2625/= per Square Feet including land and double storey construction.
  • Sizes are 125 and 200 Square Yards. (Double Storey Homes)

According to this price analysis, the best deal offered by Bahria Town is 200 Square Yard Bahria Homes, which cost only PKR. 2227/= per sqft. including land with double story construction. It is quite attractive as compared to apartment which is offered at PKR. 2800/= per sqft. (Shared Property). Open plot costing around PKR. 1500/= per sqft. (13800/= per sq.yd.) just land.

Bahria Homes Karachi - Terms & Conditions

Plus these Bahria Homes have another advantage of its uniqueness that there is nothing for the comparison because no other private builder offers constructed bungalows even at this competitive price which is less than apartment, and little higher than Open Land. Amazing!


Residential prices are little bit on higher side PKR. 8600/= to 13,800/= per square yard. As compared to DCK price structure it was offered at PKR. 3830/= per square yard in 2009. Later On-Money started and current On-Money prices made this price almost equal to BTK prices. The On-Money range for 200 yards residential plot is PKR. 15,00,000/= to 23,00,000/= (price vary Sector-Wise) and for 500 yards plots On-Money price range from PKR. 20,00,000/= to 30,00,000/= become almost same price range offered by Bahria Town in 2014.

DHA City Karachi - Booking Details

Though for Bahria Town plot, buyer can buy with down payment amount (10% only) and for DCK plots, buyer have to pay 50% official paid amount and plus the ON-Money amount, becomes total 75% of the full price. This is the huge difference of basic equity required for investment. Always appealing for Investors!

Commercial plot prices are too high for BTK as it is costing around PKR. 100,000/= per square yard compared to DCK offered just PKR. 19,000/= to 30,000/= per square yard (according to size) in 2009. The current ON-Money for 200 commercial plot ranging from 25-Lacs to 60-Lacs (become PKR. 12,500/= to 30,000/= per square yard). Average ON-Money price is PKR. 20,000/= per square yard plus the official price of PKR. 19,000/= to 30,000/=. Total price become PKR. 40,000/= per square yard less than half of Bahira Town Karachi commercial plot price. Mostly commercial plots are of 200 square yards.

This is the huge price difference, either because of total number of commercial plots in the society. In DCK there are total 1368 Commercial plots (200, 250, 300, 500, 1000 & 2000) maximum number of plots are of 200 square yards (1000 plus) and rest of the category plots are less than 100 and only 8 plots of 2000 yards, for almost 27000+ residential plots (all to gather from 200, 300, 500, 1000 & 2000).

In Bahria Town, there are usually very less quantity of commercial plots, and ratio between residential and commercial plot quantity is entirely different (As schemes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad). That’s why the price is on higher side, and as in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Bahria projects Commercial plots are very expensive.

Besides all these facts and figures over all booking response was too good. Surroundings of Bahria Town Head office looked like some huge activity going round the clock and thousands of people gather there almost all the hours of whole day.


Whatever is all this, either positive or negative this speculation or trading of slips and forms either it is right or wrong, but it also created work opportunity for many people and provides an opportunity to earn good money. And once Bahria Town Karachi project starts its development work, it will create huge employment and many Karachities will have jobs opportunities there too.

Increasing population also requires this kind of housing schemes. We hope that by the Grace of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) when this BTK Scheme is completed, will work out for the requirement of houses and play a major role to cover this back-log (More than million houses) units and provide shelters to common Pakistani. Insha’Allah!

This article is written by Mr. Mohammad Shafi Jakvani (CEO – CITI Associates)

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  1. Syed Zaman says:

    Good Luck to those who booked and God save their hard earned money and congrat to those whom did not made booking, time will tell.

    The track record of Bahria from Rawalpindi and Lahore is not good, we are still waiting for the last couple of years-more than 10 years- in Rawalpindi and Lahore to receive our Plots, Cheap Bunglows, which all the payments are made but the Property is not yet ready and handed over to lots of applicants, anyhow. May this BTK be a success storey. By the way can Mr. Malik Riaz tell what happened to the money of applicants of New Islamabad City, Chak Shahzad, more than 15 years ago maybe.

  2. Syed Zaman says:

    An interested offered, Members whom will fail in the balloting of Residential Plots will get back Rs. 150,000 offered discount together with their token money, wonder and surprise.

    It looks that all the people whom have applied for the residential plots will get the success in the balloting, otherwise just calculate returning 150,000 on the token of 150,000, VOW. Good Luck

  3. Capt.Dawood Ahmed says:

    Thanks for the update regarding Bahria town. Presently I am not in a good state of health. JUST servive heart attach (major artery blokage).


    • HASAN SAEED says:

      SIR, While you’re resting and recovering, we pray for a smooth and quick recovery.

      • Zeeshan says:

        no subleases are issued in bahria town they are issuing just allotment and transfer papers which means the banks will not be willing to pay house finance loan and it also means that bahria has no title documents from sindh government regarding lease

  4. Dr.M.J. Merchant says:

    Well, plz can BTK tell us

    1)where the plot of BTK in super high way???exact location,its near from Gulshan-e- mayar, where the almost lands are already caputered

    Every time you to have to pass from super high way to go to BTK, which is not safe now a days due to present condition of city i.e occupied by taliban in super high way,don`t u think its safe???? as far as DCK is concern….there is a link road from Malir can`t so no need to go through super high way & i think its a big difference if pupil will think it

  5. Dr.Faisal Khan Lodhi says:

    All the management and other staffs of Bahria Town Overseas blocks are bull shit and group of stupid people,,,,,, I paid the token money for Bahria Town Homes (overseas Block) on 10th March…. till now I didn’t receive not a single document / or any confirmation receipt … I am still in a doubt that where is my bank draft of 4,900 USD goes??? even I call 10000 times but no one answer and no one bother to reply….worst n worst comes when my friend visited the office and gave me a call to talk they replied that we are not allow to talk on phone…. what this all bull shit….

    • omar says:

      only one thing that bharia town missguided karachities and miscommittments as they are not returning/refunding money. i only registered my plot in btk but i stopped trusting after when they asked money for confirmed.plot instead of these things i didnt apply for confirmed plot but still btk messaging to pay ur installments not even msgng also calling i asked i didnt applied for plot and kindly refund my money asusual replied we will check.btk said they built the mosque n highways in karachi they should say like this we built the mosque n roads with the money of karachi people wat they paid us .besides all these dha never miscommitted and looted like these schemes. pray for all

  6. Yep Bahria town Islamabad is one of the largest real estate in Pakistan. Well we are working on bahria town Rawalpindi. The hash mall is under construction. If you want to know more about mall click on links for more details. thanks for sharing

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