Bahria Town Karachi – Precinct 33 Map

Bahria Town Karachi, a Master-Planned Community with World-Class Infrastructure and Facilities Exclusively for Pakistanis such as Advanced security & rescue services, Pakistan’s largest shopping mall, 5-star international hotel & USGA standard golf course, Commercial areas, Gold-Class cinemas, State-of-the-art sports facilities, World-class school, college and International University, International standard hospital, International theme park, play-land and water-rides, Wonders of the world monuments (Eiffel Tower, Taj-Mahal and Statue of Liberty), Jamiah mosque, landscaped parks, Community sports club & zoo, International standard construction & infrastructure, Grid station & telephone-exchange, Transport system from Bahria Town to City Centre, 100 % backup power (No Load-shedding) etc.

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  1. arif says:

    whats the price for a 500 yard plot in precinct 33, street 16/plot 41
    I am looking to sell. all installments paid up to date

  2. jazebah says:

    hey! can anyone tell me , what is nalla row in precint 33???

  3. Adnan Yakub says:

    Brokers says, precinct 33 ,does not exist. Bahria town developing its own land on the basis of precinct 33 installment money and thrown public in precinct 33 which is away or off Jinnah avenue. Development not done at all. The whole Bahria town is developed with precinct 33 money.Fitay mou. Making public fool.Bahria town is selling their own plots which are developed as compared to precinct 33.Almost all precincts are developed except precinct 33. Inshallah Allah will hang soon to Bahria management.

  4. Ateeq says:

    what is the current development state of precinct 33. because 15 installments already paid and only last installment to be paid by 7 February, 2018.when possesion of plots will be given

  5. Tahir Khan says:

    It’s been a waste of investment with Bahria Town!

  6. Moz says:

    Question for all precinct 33 owners – BTK always charges interest if the installment is delayed. Now after paying the last installment if they have not completed all the development work and they are not giving possession, can this be challenged in court?
    At a minimum BTK should pay the same amount of interest they charged us, until the development is complete. Please comment.

    • Ateeq says:

      These land grabbers have very strong backing.moreover they have all legal support in their favour as written on registration forms upon which we apply.only effective thing is do some media compagin against this subject if u could manage.otherwise relax n enjoy.

  7. sjavaidk@gmail.or 03145106666 says:

    Dear Arif
    How much u are asking

  8. Saleem Adil says:

    when I ask any estate agent that what should I do with my investment in Plot in Precinct 33 ,the immediate reply comes “Sell it ASAP and buy a smaller plot in some other Precinct”. I have paid all 16 installments and wondering if I was a fool.Also written to Management of Bahria Town but no reply was received.
    On the investment of Rs 4.5 million a premium of some RS 2 lacs is available. The most frustrating auspect is that precinct 33 is not available on the Master Plan map of Bahria Town.

    • assalam u alaikum

      kindly give me your contact number or contact with me on below mention details

      Thank You.
      Best Regards:
      Hunain Haroon
      CITI Associates
      Bukhari Branch

  9. Muhammad Yaqoob says:

    I have 500/yards plot in sport city to sell.
    precinct 41, nr. 13 street 28
    Precinct 43, nr.34 street 06
    350/yards Villa in precinct 35, nr. 01 road 16, corner villa with extra land.
    Pls advise.

  10. Mohammad Tariq says:

    I have paid all installments on my 125 Square Yards plot but still no Allotment when is the expected allotment will be done

  11. Tamseel Hussain says:

    I m saling bahria town karchi plot 500 squar yard prisent 33 Resinable prise conact mor infoo
    Tamseel Hussain

  12. Sajid Mehmood says:

    Offer required street 88 plot 15 p33 500sqyd

    • Muneeb says:

      Hi sajid are u broker of some estate or owner of this file? what r u demanding for this plot as im a buyer not a broker

  13. Engr. Azfar Farees Farooqui says:

    Precinct 33-C Map BhariaTwon Karachi Send My WhatApps Number 03112333681.& Email address I Wait OK Engr. Azfar Farees

  14. Bilal says:

    Please send me precinct 33 C map on my watts app number 03234707486

  15. Anwar Hussain says:

    Aslam o Alaikam

    Dear Bro

    Send me map of Percient 33B

  16. Hi sir can you send mepricent 32A map.
    Also tell about value and progress.
    My what’s app no is 00971557342920.
    Tx city associates Karachi .

  17. Muhammad Haneef says:

    Can you please tell me the price of 125 sq yard plot in mepricent 33A, plot#41, Street 4 & Road 6

  18. Faiz-e-Alam says:

    Can you please tell me the price of 125 sq yard plot in Prentice 33B, plot#48, Street 2

  19. Ahasan Manzoor Ali says:

    Dear Brothers,
    if someone have 500sq.yard plot in precinct 33 at Street-1.
    Please contact me on whatsapp at +353 85 734 6151.

  20. I would like to sale plot 125 Square Yard Precinct 32-A Plot # 12 Street # 22
    Contact # 0333-8292811

    Muhammad Waseem

  21. Fakhar says:


    Can I get precinct 33C map?

    Whatsapp # 03007317077

  22. ASIF says:

    Looking to exchange
    33-C plot no 59 street no 5

  23. Syed Rizvi says:

    Please anyone can send me a map 32c and 33a because these map only hold dealers whos buying on very low prices.
    If anyone have these maps please send me on watsup 00447961791215.
    I lives in overseas.

  24. Ahmed Jaan says:

    I am direct buyer, I am looking for 500 yards and 1000 yards plot in percent 33
    please contact me if you are direct seller.

  25. Ahmed Jaan says:

    I am looking for 500 yards plot and 1000 yards plot in percent 33.
    I am direct buyer, please contact me if you are direct seller and owner of the plot, sorry for the dealers.
    +336 286 5696

  26. Ahmed Jaan says:

    We have created a whats app group for allottees of precinct 33 (500 Square plot) in Bahria town Karachi.

    This group is for sharing information and update.

    If you want to be member of the group.

    please send message on the number 03362865696.

  27. Owais Ali says:

    Assalam o Alaikum

    I want to sale my plot in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 15-B on 60 feet loop road. Near To School, Play Ground, Park And Mosque. Plot Number Is In Between 1301 To 1305 & Demand Is 29.50 Lac.

    Call for more details.

    Owais Ali


  28. Kashif Raza says:

    BTK is one of the most advanced housing schemes of not only Pakistan but the entire world but unfortunately the rates aren’t according to it’s actual value due to some litigation issues. Most of the properties are in negative value for having no master plan or even existence on entire BTK map such as sub Precincts of Precinct 32. Unfortunately I own a 125 Sq Yrd plot in 32D which doesn’t exist in BTK!!!

  29. Mumtaz says:

    i have a plot in P-29 of 500 sq yards, No217, street 4, near to jinnah ave, i want to exchange with 500 sq yards plot with west open corner and near to jinnah ave. please give any offer. thanks

  30. Saleem says:

    250 yds West open plot #1503 in P-30 is for sale in reasonable price. Interested may send their offer on WhatsApp on 0333 3523446 or may contact on the said mobile #. Current scale of Precinct wise as given in Bahria town today of P-30 is 35 lacks to 48 lacks.


  31. Farhan Khan says:

    i am direct seller of p33 corner plot 500 yards
    please wats app on 00971 55 484 9622

  32. Haider says:

    I have a 125 square yards residential plot in PRECINCT 33-B, Street 2 I need to sell it urgently. Anyone interested please contact me.

  33. Rashhid Ahmed Ansari says:


  34. saeed ahmed mughal says:

    there is rumor that bahria is giving full refund to allotes of 33 if they would like to return.
    is it correct any clue?

  35. Ks says:

    Only to off ground plots

  36. Rizwan says:

    I have plot file in precint 33 full paid. For sale please offer me.

  37. ASHRAF JAMAL says:

    I have plot of 500 sq yds in P-33. Plot Number is 6 Street 32.

    I want to sale if some one give me best offer.

  38. Zubair Ahmed says:

    I have 125 sq yrd semi-corner plot in Precinct 25a. I need the best offer 03332976067.

  39. Saeed says:

    I am Looking to buy 500 sq yds plot in P-33. Please contact me with Plot Information and Price.


    • ASHRAF JAMAL says:

      I have plot of 500 sq yds in P-33. Plot Number is 6 Street 32.

      I want to sale if some one give me best offer.

  40. nayyar says:

    I want to sale my bahria town Karachi plot
    Precinct 33 street 98 Plot 17 corner plot two roads touching extra land height location ready for possession plot in final 65 lac
    0097 1551569346 is my mobile and same whatsup number to contact

    • SAEED says:

      Hi, you are asking too much in the current market, If you can hold then HOLD it for a couple of more years, the max I can offer you 40 ~ 45 after paper verification if you are interested then send me the message at +1-416-856-9030.

    • Ejaz says:

      Assalam o Alaikum

      If this plot still with you and want to sell then I m interested. You may please contact me immediately.


  41. SAEED says:

    Anyone interested to sell Precinct 33 plot, I am interested to buy please message me with Street# / Plot# at +1-416-856-9030.


  42. Siraat says:

    I want to sell my precinct 31 plot heighted loc road 17 1490series if anyone interested kindly contact to me

    03363454866 my whatsapp no

  43. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Anyone interested to sale 500 yard plot in 33 please contact me on

  44. Faraz says:

    The Map on your website shown street 47, is this updated map of P33?

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