Bahria Town Karachi – Precinct 29 Map

Bahria Town Karachi, a Master-Planned Community with World-Class Infrastructure and Facilities Exclusively for Pakistanis such as Advanced security & rescue services, Pakistan’s largest shopping mall, 5-star international hotel & USGA standard golf course, Commercial areas, Gold-Class cinemas, State-of-the-art sports facilities, World-class school, college and International University, International standard hospital, International theme park, play-land and water-rides, Wonders of the world monuments (Eiffel Tower, Taj-Mahal and Statue of Liberty), Jamiah mosque, landscaped parks, Community sports club & zoo, International standard construction & infrastructure, Grid station & telephone-exchange, Transport system from Bahria Town to City Centre, 100 % backup power (No Load-shedding) etc.

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Bahria Town Karachi - Precinct 29 High Resolution Map

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  1. Dr.Ali says:

    Can someone kindly email me Prectinct 29 clear map, as numbers are unreadable. Thanks

  2. AA says:

    Got no 793, worst plot in the worst precinct 29. Probably will take 100 years to develop

  3. Ali says:

    i heard that it is better precinct after overseas pt-4.. near to golf course & jumia masjid. Dont worry Allah knows the best

  4. Saeed Siddiqui says:

    It’s also shocked for my plot in Precinct-29, but Ali’s answer gave me little support, but still thinking that will I see this area developed and handover of my plot in my life.
    Bharia Town should gave priority on first come first basis.

    • Farid uddin says:

      Dear Saeed
      Precinct -29 is on Main Jinnah Avenue opposite GOLF COURSE both are at same distance from super high way. Bahria sold Golf 500 sq.yds. in 8.5 million to locals and in 10 million to overseas while you got the same size in 4.6 million only. As per map P-29 land is level i.e. free from Nadi, Nalaas and cuts no can stop fresh air to come from Golf

      • Saeed Siddiqui says:

        Thank you Mr. Farid Uddin for your nice analysis and advice, its really gave me a piece of mind, seems as good as I wish for an open atmosphere place.
        Thanks once again.

  5. Junaid says:

    can someone upload total map of Btk showing all Precincts.

    • Farid uddin says:

      BTK as per revised plan there are:
      24805 plots of 125 sq.yds, 13743 plots of 250 sq.yds, 4787 of 500 sq.yds, 721 of 1000 sq.yds and 146 of 2000 sq.yds. while 3908 houses of 200 sq.yds and 1224 houses of 125 sq.yds. (P-5, P-13 and P-20 Golf not included)
      Tabulated by Farid Uddin

      • Abdul Abro says:

        Dear farid,
        Any idea about the new percincts location of Bahria sports city like percinct 42 and 44.
        Thanks in advance for your support and attention.

    • Aqkhan says:

      Full map of BTK is available at their page on Facebook (Bahria Town News Channel )

  6. Aziz awan says:

    What r prices in precinct 15 & 15 a

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