Bahria Town Karachi – Precinct 11 High Resolution Map

Bahria Town Karachi – Precinct 11 High Resolution Map

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Bahria Town Karachi – Precinct 11 High Resolution Map

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  1. Ashar Ansar says:

    I got a 125 sq. Yds villa letter in precinct 11 b (30 X 40). In this map 30 X 40 plots are not present. Can anybody explain pls?

  2. rahman says:

    plz someobe explain here..25×55 ,25×45 and 30×60..wht represent what size bahria home and plots.

  3. Abdul Hameed says:

    I have plot 200 sq yards 40x 45 but it is not there. please help me.

    • rahman says:

      abdull ..there are no plot size 200yrds on bahria..
      bahria plot size is 250yrds..if tht is you are talking about?.
      250sqrdyrd map is not out might be precenct 6…this map is for 125 and 200 bahria homes only

      • Abdul Hameed says:

        Mr. Rahman thanks for your reply. I m sorry for wrong information. actually I have Bahria Homes 200 SQ YARDS (40’x 45) in block Precinct 11-A. plot # 313, but it is not there. thanks

        • rahman says:

          sir..the plot 30’x60′ are the 200yrds homes..and your villa is in the 3rd row up from the yellow highlighted school in 11a….is your 200yrds villa overseas home or normal?..i hv overseas 125yrds in 11b …just want to make sure if anyone else got overseas villas in block 11 or not…..

          • Abdul Hameed says:

            sir this is normal but in the latter they are asking it will be 40×45 but that one is 30×60. I think overseas block is separate not in 11.

          • Asim says:

            Overseas (11-a) and normal (11) are different blocks

  4. Abdul Hameed says:

    i have in Block 11-A

  5. Abdul Hameed says:

    i have in Block 11-A.

  6. rahman says:

    can you point out how are 11A and 11 are different blocks?.. as far as i see there is not just 11 block.. there is 11a and 11b. and both people with overseas and normal villas are alloted their homes in thsese two blocks….how do you see that overseas and normal have different blocks?

  7. Tasawar says:

    i have booked bahria homes 200 SQYD in overseas block. Plot is reserved for me in precinct 11-A. the entire bahria map shows that overseas block in precinct 1. Can someone clarify, why i am in precinct 11-A ?

  8. Fahad says:

    @ Tasawar,
    there is no such thing as a separate overseas block in BTK anymore…even P-1 which is so called as overseas has only 250sq plots not only overseas but also bahria just started a new booking in this block which means anybody can book a 250yrds plot in P-1 with overseas plots…
    all of the overseas villas are mixed with non overseas villas in P-11a and P-11b…unfortunatly there is no any separate block for overseas homes…inother words..overseas booking are going to pay alot extra money for the same villa tht is booked as non overseas in the same block 11a -b
    it s totally unfair nd cheating with overseas pakistanies..

    • Kashif says:

      Can somebody please explain whether any such thing exists like Bahria homes 200sqy with 40×45 dimensions? What I saw there are just 30×60 homes and nobody could yet be able to explain the other dimension. I know people who have got letters with 40×45 mentioned as their home dimension. Appreciate a reply.

  9. qaisar says:

    status of villas 11B can anybbody update…

  10. Syed Abdul Hadi says:

    Kindly provide me information regarding 200 yards home in Precinct.11 when will be get it to live there.

  11. Syed Iftikhar Hussain. says:

    Assalam u Alaikum,
    i have one 125 square yards villa in precinct 11-B , i have all the installments & since from last year , i am waiting for Possession , please tell me when I will get Possession of my villa …. ??

  12. Rizwan says:

    I have a 125 Sq yard villa in Prencit 11B. House no 63-c, street 4-a. But it’s not on available map of Prencit 11B. I have paid all the installments in time. Can anybody help, when I ll be able to get the possession.

  13. Mansoor says:

    I am seaching plot or villa at precint Block 11, contact if available for sale.

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