Bahria Town Karachi – Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges Details

Documents Required for Applying Possession:

If you own a plot/apartment/home and you want to apply for possession, please make sure you have the following documents required for applying possession:

  • Request for Possession (to be filled in by the allottee)
  • Provisional Allotment Letter (if issued earlier)
  • Copy of CNIC/NICOP
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs (x2)
  • Authority letter of minimum Rs.100 Stamp paper if the allottee himself cannot visit the office for applying or collection of possession. (Note: Photograph and ID card copy of authority holder must also be provided)
  • Original Customer Copy of Booking Form / Transfer Letter
  • All Original Deposit Slips ( Including category charges if any, which will be paid on category challan form)

Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges Details:

Find below the details of possession and utility charges for all property types in Bahria Town Karachi:

Extra Land & Extra Space Charges:

Following are the rates charged per square yard and per square foot for extra land and extra space by Bahria Town:

  • For Residential Plots Rs. 10,000 Per Sq Yards
  • For Commercial Plots Rs. 25,000 Per Sq Yards
  • For Bahria Apartment Rs. 2,500 Per Sq Ft
  • For Bahria Heights Rs. 5,500 Per Sq Ft

Note: Utility Connections & Possession charges will be submitted on Utility Connection & Charges and Possession Charges Deposit Slips respectively.

Utility Charges Details:

Utility Charges are paid for the following utilities:

  • Electric 3 Phase Connection
  • Telephone Connection
  • Water and Sewerage Connection
  • Gas Connection

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  1. Fernando | September 7, 2021
  1. Shereen says:

    Are these charges monthly or yearly?

  2. shaik_M says:

    lots of question raise about bahria town possession documantion

    where and how we get Provisional Allotment Letter ? is Govt. of sindh (KDA) provide this letter or bahria town its self provide it.?
    maintanance charges applied when you live there.
    either its monthly or yearly ?

  3. Zeeshan says:


    is this applicable on on every plot owner either balloted and un-balloted as well.
    Please confirm

  4. Waqas Farooq says:

    Since instalment plan is not completed yet, will we have to pay it after plan i.e. Feb 2018 ?

  5. muhammad miskeen says:

    i appeal mr malik riaz chief exective of bahria town that i am ex banker and i have booked 10 marla plot in garden city project bahria town islamabad sir i have paid all instalments and when i request project director of garden city for possion of my plot he told me that the project have been merged in dha 3 after passing of reasonable time of 5 years my plot possision in not granted now bahria managent says to get your money back sir i request u that i want to construt house for my childen and please grant me my plot for which i have paid 35 lack in 2013 if dha dealing is not prosesed pls give me plot in bahria town pindi or islam abad regards muhammad miskeen cell no 03009301401 sir i will pray for your long life thanks

    • Malik R says:

      Phans gaye na?
      O bhai is mulk main installment par kuch na lo.
      Paisa jama karo cash par deal karo or haath k haath posession lo

  6. Jamil Ahmed says:

    Plot maintenance charges are excessive, i.e. 5000/- PM on 500 square yards plots.
    Kindly arrange to display Possession status of Precinct

    • Ali says:

      Is this notice for everyone or for only those people who received notice before? My plot is in precinct 33 and I have never received any possession notice before. In fact I went to Bahria office 4 months ago and they told me I have to wait till June 2020 for possession.

      Has possession of precint 33 started?

  7. Farooq siddiqui says:

    What documents Baharya provide to owner allotment 99 years lease please reply me to satisfy

  8. Naushad iqbal says:

    While all charges are included in instalments why asking this extra possession n maintenance charges. This is totally unfair when all instalments paid for inpresent 30 immediately handover plot to owner without asking any extra charge n let them start construction to strat living there n this message especially for malik riaz sahib not to gove extra burdon to us in the name of maintanance

  9. Amir says:

    I would appreciate for the information regarding Corner plots. How much is to pay extra for corner plots in Baharia Town Karachi. Thanks in advance

  10. Amir says:

    Is the Token money same as Possession / utility fees

  11. Fiaz Shah says:

    Request to respected Malik RIAZ Saab,

    We really respect you but you also need to respect and have simpathy for those people who paid money from their salaries for the installments for DHA Homes in Islamabad. It’s been more then 5 years everything paid but no clue when to have the house. 5 years OverDue.
    And further when we go to inquire about possession the correondant is so rude like we went to beg something.

    Please save your credibility and do not let people down on the commitment you made for the DHA homes.

    You have no clue how people saved and paid that 4.2 million Ruppes 5 year ago.

    Many thanks

  12. Basil Khan says:

    After taking a house in Bahria Town Like 200 SQ Yards. How much we have to pay Maintenance monthly and any other things we have to pay monthly like possession and utilitys E.T.C please reply fast we nees to buy house this Month Before election.

  13. muhammad miskeen says:

    we have paid all instalments including development charges why they collect possession charges they must give possession of plot as we have paid all land charges if we want transfer we wil pay transer fee malik riaz is collectiong money for supreuim court he has acupied illagal land most of presecnt or not developed

  14. muhammad miskeen says:

    we have paid all instalments including development charges why they collect possession charges they must give possession of plot as we have paid all land charges if we want transfer we wil pay transer fee malik riaz is collectiong money for supreuim court he has acupied illagal land most of presecnt or not developed

  15. Zeeshan says:

    Bahria Town did not announce newly balloted plots possession and even no any announcement for the Map of new cutting balloted plots.
    Please confirm how they will be proceed?

  16. Waqar Ahmed says:

    we have paid all instalments including development charges why they collect possession charges they must give possession of plot as we have paid all land charges if we want transfer we wil pay transer fee malik riaz is collectiong money for supreuim court he has acupied illagal land most of presecnt or not developed

  17. tehseen says:

    i have 200 sq yard villa in P- 27 , when this will be ready for possession . ??

  18. Jawaid Ali says:

    Aslam O Alaikum Sir/Madam,

    I hope this email finds you well in health.

    This is Jawaid Ali and I deal in Bahria Town Karachi, Gwadar Golf City and ASF City. Kindly share your whats App contact details in order to get latest updates about prices, latest development status and upcoming projects. We have very good investment opportunities of Buying/Selling both our all work is client based.

    For further Sale/Purchase/Assessment of Bahria Town Karachi Property/Gwadar/DHA/DHA City/ASF City and other updates kindly provide your Whats App contact details.
    Contact @ +923208299002

    Also visit our website for our company profile:-

    For further details:-
    Jawaid Ali (Property Consultant)
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    CITI Associates Suite no. 6 & 7, 1st Floor, Block-A Hamilton Courts Complex, Block 7, Main Clifton Road, Karachi.

  19. Mustafa Jalil says:


    I need Request for Possession form; I live overseas, appreciate if anyone could help.


    • Dear prospect,

      In this regard, you shall have to directly coordinate with Bahria town karachi.

      For support, kindly find the contact details as mentioned below:

      Bahria helpline: 0800 00100
      Mailing id:

      Do tell, if you require more assistance, please.

      Thanking you,

      Yours sincerely,
      Ghansham Bhatia,
      CITI ASSOCIATES “serving your interest”
      Call or WhatsApp: +92 320 82 99 124

    • Zafar says:


      I think you need to visit bahria karachi head office to apply for the possession. Its not so simple to take the possession and also build you house.


  20. Muhammad Fazalullah says:

    Just want to ask are possession letters for Sport coy villas are being issued Or not. Or by when we should expect it ? Thanks

  21. Zafar says:

    We have already paid all installments including land plus development charges as per surcharge report we received. Now Bahria is asking that was only for internal structure. When you start development of roads, foot paths etc, you also put all the lines i,e water, electricity, telephone and sewerage at the same time. So there should be no more development charges applied to the developed precincts.

    We all overseas Pakistani’s request Malik Sb to look personally in this matter and revert this decision other wise in future overseas will loose their confidence which was built in 2014.

    And i know the lack of interest of overseas people in Bahria here in Saudia and UAE as i am working in both places on projects.


    • Hameed says:

      Very much agreed. Worth noting here is that there is no response to any of our messages here from Bahria team. On this page only the affectees discussing their issues between themselves or some dealers still trying to market their plots to these affectees! Check their confidence! We overseas Pakistanis have got no working helpline that will attend their calls and address issues. Very sadenning.

  22. Dear sir,
    Please let me know regarding 125sq plot I have paid all installment I will pay again.

  23. Mahmood Ali says:

    I am an overseas Pakistani, resident of Bahria Town Karachi (Visiting BTK every 22 days). I have invested in BTK plots to secure hard earned my savings. I purchased plots when the prices were at hike. I also advised my few overseas friends to invest in BTK. Now if I and my friends want to sell we are losing almost 40% of what we have paid. We have lost the trust in Bahria. If this continues, we will never invest in Bahria. Whatever we lost this was written in our destiny, however, no more future investment in Bahria or any project of Malik Riaz.

  24. I have received letter without signature for possession and utility charges, with last date 31,03.2020, I want to know that whether payment of utility and possession charges is mandatory upto 31.03.2020 under the present situation of carna virus spreading situation. Can I pay such charges after April 2020 or at the time of connection of utility.

  25. Imran says:

    Received letter for utilities and possession charges, till 31-03-2020, but i am unable to pay due to current lockdown, kindly extend the date for above mentioned charges.

  26. I have deposited the possession and utility charges on 29.06.2020, with possession request, by visiting office at about 1400 hours, but the process is very slow due to collecting forms by the staff on counter No.09, 10,11 & 12, but the staff of said counters and Deputy Managers Mr. Saqab and Zubair deliberately slow the process of receiving possession request to compel the allottees to to contact estate agents or the agents of Staff/ above named Deputy managers. From 1400 hours to 1700 hours they only collected 73150 to 73200 only 50 forms of general public who applied according to rules by collecting number, but the staff members/ above named deputy managers secretly receiving possession request from their own agents on counter number 12 without any number and Quee. The prove is that after leaving general public by contacting through agents, after 1700 hours to 1900 hours, staff / above named Deputy managers possession namely Saqab and Zubair collected possessions letter from their own agents from 73200 to 73350 about 150 from within two hours, hence action may be done by enquiry.

    Further I want to know when will maintenance charges apply, whether before receiving possession letter/ order/ allotment order or after receiving possession letter?

    Furthermore, why and under any law Behria Town is authorized to disallowed a person in Head office without Mobile phone,

    I remained in Head office for about 05 hours while my mobile phone was in my car, my relatives were in any problem due to non-replying my mobile for about 05 hours, when I had to visit Sanghar, Sindh for about 250 k.m. and in case of any mishap, who will be held responsible.

  27. Nasiruddin Shaikh says:

    Would someone please explain, what are category charges in Bahria town. Above schedule shows only possession and utility charges at the time of possession application.

    In the email received from Barhira there are some category charges also mentioned.

    Thanks and regards,

  28. Jawaid Ali says:

    Bahria Town Karachi 125 Square Yards Plot Available for Sale

    Plot no. 800 Series (Jori, Pair Plot)
    Street no. 07
    Precinct 10-B
    125 Square Yards Residential Plot

    Good Location Plot, West Open, Possession and Utilities Paid, Allotment in Hand

    For Demand Call/SMS/WhatsApp at

    Additional Expense
    Transfer fee 34,000
    Advance Tax 14,000 (Filer) OR
    28,000 (Non Filer)
    Agency Commission 1%

    West Open, Clear Precinct, Fully Developed and All Dues are Paid.

    Offer Required

    For High Resolution Map Kindly Visit following Link:-

    For further details:-
    Jawaid Ali (Property Consultant)
    CITI Associates Suite no. 6 & 7, 1st Floor, Block-A Hamilton Courts Complex, Block 7, Main Clifton Road, Karachi.

    Bahria Town Karachi Site Office: 142-143B, Jakvani Midway Tower, Midway Commercial, Block-B, Bahria Town Karachi.

  29. Jawaid Ali says:

    Jakvani Trade Center –

    Plot No. 119, Liberty Commercial
    Bahria Town Karachi


    For more details
    Call/Whatsapp Now!

    Jawaid Ali
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