Bahria Town Karachi Latest Progress Update – October 2016

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Bahria Town Karachi is redefining the landscapes of Karachi by developing a city within a city providing state-of-the-art facilities and complete lifestyle solutions unmatched by any other. Many families have moved in and happily living within the community, and fast-paced development is underway on many projects making Bahria Town Karachi the most sought after residential community in the city.

Bahria Town Karachi is an iconic development featuring World’s Third Largest Jamia Masjid, Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium, Pakistan’s First Day & Night Safari, Pakistan’s First International Theme Park and Pakistan’s First ISO & HACCP Certified Premium Hypermarket Greenvalley.

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  1. adnan yakub says:

    Bahria town is a fake town. They took money from public and failed to provide plots .Credibility is almost zero .They do not have enough land to provide plots to their customers. Malik riaz is todays Firoon. NAB has given report on SAMAA tv channel

    • Abdulrauf Sivany says:

      Dear friends, I have seen the report on Samaa TV recently and there is no new information in it.
      Bahria has already made it clear to all the stakeholders that NAB is looking into the case of land which has never been sold to BTK investors.
      The Land which NAB is referring does belong to BTK but it is relating to other projects of Bahria which have never been announced so far.
      The truth will come when things will be cleared from NAB.
      Good luck to all those who have invested in BTK which is a great Town Planning Project. A City within a City.

    • Danish says:

      Go and visit the bahria town Karachi and then realize what is fake town. Please take sensible.

    • Jahanzaib Munir says:

      What credibility does SAMAA TV itself have? Have you yourself considered spending a few thousand rupees every month on poor and starving people that you are calling Mailk Riaz as a Firoon? He spends Million of Rupees every day feeding those who dont have anything to eat, Providing shelter to those who don’t have a roof to live. He is atleast better than you I am sure so, better keep you mouth shut and don’t invest in Bahria if you have concerns.

  2. Aamir says:

    No one can please every body. So chill he did well in all his project

  3. Muhammad Rustam says:

    When the plot in sport city will be allotted to buyers? The date of promise has gone.

  4. Aijaz says:

    I personally feel that Malik Riaz should give discount on his Karachi project specially in Golf
    Plots and waived atleast 3 Instalments and show is honesty to his customers.

  5. Zubair says:

    When the Bahria Sports city balloting results will be published?

  6. Zia says:

    Bahria Town is another name of be-emani therefore they will succeed in Pakistan of Zardari and Nawaz. Complete dishonesty.

  7. Mohammed Razi uddin says:

    When will be plot allotted to those who are regular in their payments, as promised date has passed twice and no notification accept payment reminders. Kindly allot the plots so people will not say what they are doubting.
    We know that Malik Riaz have given this nation good projects, why delay in this.

  8. Mohammed Razi Uddin says:

    Kindly give a date and allocate the plots to buyers to avoid above kind of comments and concerns. People trust Bahria, need action and date.

  9. Khan Yousufzai says:

    I own 250 square yards plot (no.630) in Precinct-22. Should I keep it or sell it?

    Please advise friends.

  10. ADNAN YAKUB says:

    Oh Bhai,
    I am paying appx 6lacs qtr,in baria homes precinct 27, plots in precinct 33 and 25A. Till today, all these 3 are not visible.So far I have paid above 1 crore.Developing from our money and enjoying by selling plots to others. What an INJUSTICE? Kiya mou lekar jao gai bhai? Allah watching all of us and counting days plus counting injustice of all of us. Ghareeb ko apni jaib sey khana kehlou tou sawab milta hai, Bhai.

    • Khan Yousufzai says:

      When did you invest ?

      Dha city was a better choice. Right ?

      • Zubair says:

        AoA Khan Yousufzai .. I don’t think so. Just to compare from work perspective vs. Bahria, my impression is DHA city is a very slow moving project till date. So far, since its launch (1 year), not much has been done there. The entrance, site office building, main road, side parking with solar roofs, another near by building in solar park and the mosque were done before the project launch. I visited DHA city around a month ago and its the same. If one wants to check, then still one can drive only on the main central road as rest is all barren land. In a long term, that’s 10+ years for sure i think, every project will grow and appreciate. But expecting something fast and spectacular in DHA city in next few years is not right. That’s what my impression is. Salaam.

  11. mughal says:

    Adnan Yakub,
    What you are saying is half truth, but dear full truth is, is your all installments completed and the promised 4 years priod elapsed? No. BTK is being built on hundred of ares area, and what in 3 threes times BTK administration is done, is mind blowing.

    I also feel that may be not all promise they have made will be fulfilled in 4 years time, but it seems that in a year later, all plots will be handed over to all allottees till preccnts 29.
    To call BK a fake town, is something untrue.

  12. Dr Abdus Sami says:

    I have been allotted plot in precinct 10 but in map of precinct 10 this plot number does not exists.
    I don’t want to say some bad words about bahria but some problems are there and on one side they are doing very good things and on the other side so many people are crying. Most of investors are from middle class and when promises are not fulfilled in time then it becomes difficult for small investor to bear this pressure.

  13. on 15 August a balloting was conducted. all most 10 paid allotees interviewed only 02% were allotted rest are asked wait till their death.despite several emails,they reply u will be allotted very soon,and it lapsed 02 months now.

    • Zubair says:

      BTK is a massive project by all means with a direct customer base that i think is exceeding 1 lac. Over half a million people will live there. From that perspective, if there are 200-300 people who have issues in updates, then it is just 0.2% of customers. Rest are not complaining and many have actually enjoyed the good customer services. Some delays are natural in such huge projects, and that too, in a Pakistani environment. One needs to appreciate what BT has delivered (as testimony) and is going to deliver. It gave an opportunity to all for better living and good investments. (a customer of BT).

  14. Sheri says:

    why btk fake. BT lahore and BT islamabad are good projects and authentic. group itself is good they have good history and background. why negative marketing is going on. Karachi ko tasuub ka ghar banado. kuch acha matt honey do is city mein. hadd hai yaar.

  15. Sheri says:

    khi mei itney projects chal rahey hain saalon se delayed hain unko koi kuch nahi keh raha. they have started construction from 2014 jan and check the progress within two years. give them time. allot nahi hua ballot nahi hua. banney tu do dhang ek project ko bhai. 4 years regular time hai har project completion ka.

  16. Sheri says:

    DHA kese better hai…. wu tu 2009 se laucn hua va hai. kaam takkey ka nahi hua tha wahan itney saalon tk jab tak bahria nahi aya. jab unho ne bahria ki progress dekhi tu tussle mei kaam shuru kiya hai dha city ney

  17. Sheri says:

    DHA kese better hai…. wu tu 2009 se laucn hua va hai. kaam takkey ka nahi hua tha wahan itney saalon tk jab tak bahria nahi aya. jab unho ne bahria ki progress dekhi tu tussle mei kaam shuru kiya hai dha city ney. DHA city is bogus .

    • Khan Yousufzai says:

      But DHA investors have made huge profits while BTK investors are chatting on websites cursing DHA city khi.

  18. zakir hussain says:

    HI DEAR!

  19. RNK says:

    I read all conversation you guys had.
    Recording grievances is right of all ppl.

    I have also invested my Jamma Ponchi in 125 yrd plot and i was allotted with number in first ballot.

    I see it all as a vise versa game.

    Whoever kept his payment on time is not worried. Who didnt pay timely are worried.

    As far as BTK development is concern. Its really appreciable. No match.. I often in a month or two visit BTK and everytime i see a new progress.

    I wish and pray for all of us and BTK a best future. Ameen

    • Nadeem Shaikh says:

      Plz go visit BTK & then speak. It is real & true.
      I received my house in BTK before TIME.

      Thank you Mr Malik Riyaz & Thanks to its Team.

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