Bahria Town Karachi Balloting on 23 March 2014

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting for the allotment of Residential Plots, Commercial Plots, Bahria Homes, Bahria Apartments is scheduled to be held on 23 March 2014 at the site location of Bahria Town Karachi, Super Highway from 3:00pm onwards.

Transfer of Bahria Town Karachi files is scheduled to be start from 24th March, 2014. Results of Balloting will be published on Bahria Town offices and website.

If you want to Buy/Sell Property in Bahria Town Karachi, Kindly get in touch with CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 or 0321-8299102. You can also email at

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting on 23 March 2014

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  1. Sajjad hashmi says:

    Sir, iam overseas resident. Received payment receipt for $ 3325/ token, processing & form fee. Plot is 250sqyds with preference of corner. Can you let me know the price at the moment…thank you.

    • Mohsin says:

      Sajjad bhai, you said you are overseas resident, where did you submit form and fee and received payment receipt?

      I’m overseas resident as well, I submitted form and fee in US office, they are saying they will send payment receipt after two weeks. Not sure why too late.

      • Sajjad hashmi says:

        Mohsin Brother….i sent my application with payment of $3335/- on2nd march 2014 to Dubai office, the confirm the receipt of mail via telephone call and on 14/03/2014 i received customer copy with official stamp. Brother wait for their process as it might take few days to clear the mail.

  2. Alis says:

    500 Sq. Yard is available for Sale in BTk.

  3. Dr.Faisal Khan Lodhi says:

    All the management and other staffs of Bahria Town Overseas blocks are bull shit and group of stupid people,,,,,, I paid the token money for Bahria Town Homes (overseas Block) on 10th March…. till now I didn’t receive not a single document / or any confirmation receipt … I am still in a doubt that where is my bank draft of 4,900 USD goes??? even I call 10000 times but no one answer and no one bother to reply….worst n worst comes when my friend visited the office and gave me a call to talk they replied that we are not allow to talk on phone…. what this all bull shit….

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