Bahria Town Islands City Karachi


Bahria Town Islands City Karachi, the most prestigious project of Bahria Town will put Pakistan on the global map as it encapsulates within, the vision of Malik Riaz who envisages a living community that will prove to be the epitome of construction marvels of the world. It is a purpose built master-planned city. The magnitude of the construction embraces every aspect of modern day living that is embellished by the unique environment of the Bundal and Buddu Islands.

Note: Bahria Town Islands City Karachi is still in planning stage and not officially launched by Bahria Town. All the content and video provided on this page is just for information only.

Central to the master plan is the preservation of the natural mangrove habitat, home to wild birds and flora, which the residents will get to enjoy. The unique flora and fauna of the island will amalgamate with the architecture and modern infrastructure spread over thousands of acres of meticulously planned living community.

Bahria Town Islands City Karachi

The global attractions of the project are:

  • World’s Tallest Tower
  • World’s Largest Shopping Mall
  • Sports City
  • Education and Medical City
  • International City
  • Media City

A 3.5km long, six lane modern bridge built over the sea will connect Bahria Town Islands City to DHA Karachi.

Bahria Town Islands City Karachi Bahria Town Islands City Karachi

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  1. Dear Team,

    With reference to your innovative & amazing efforts for the residence of Karachi by offering them concept of relish and amazing living standards “Bahria Town Islands City Karachi” still no found any hype on media (print, electronic & social) because this is right time to create hype around the project owing to communicate the concepts and approaches of Bahria Town. Even several of public speaking opportunities to generate story hooks around it.

    I would like to request you to force your agencies to push this message and endorse it otherwise there is no use of previous heavy investment on media.

    Looking forward for your feedback.

    Best Regards,
    Danish Hassan

    • waqas says:

      Well said bro, it is true.

    • ADNAN YAKUB says:

      Bahria Town Management needs to fulfill the needs and demand of their existing customers.Your management has taken money in the shape of installments and failed to deliver plots and homes.NAB says you do not own plots to deliver.Develop customer confidence first than think further. Bahria planning is only on papers but practically ZERO. Baita Allah Kay Pass bhi Jana Hai?

  2. please send new events , thank you shahid kamran 03232176743

  3. Zain Ul Abidin says:

    building the tallest building on an island and in the current situation of the country is not a good idea.

  4. Muhammad Yasir says:


    Can anyone tell when this project will be launched?


  5. Ahmed says:

    When are they going to launch this project? Ahmed

  6. ghulam rasool says:

    Plz update new project

  7. Imran Mohammad says:

    its true, Malik Riaz has a partner in this project, other guy is from USA, who has build housing community in germany and Miami, FL near the beaches. The project will take 10 years once it gets start.

  8. Imran Mohammad says:

    and we are looking at 10 min to 50 crore or more easily for the houses once its completed

  9. ADNAN YAKUB says:

    Failed to provide plots to existing customers and going to make fool by introducing ISLAND CITI. Abraham Lincoln said, you can make fool once but not all the people all the time.

    • A R Abro says:

      hahaha, our politicians has proved that Abraham Lincoln was wrong, Pakistani politicians are making all the nation/people fool all the time.


  10. shahwaiz Ghouri says:

    In Sha’a Allah We will prove A super Power one day

  11. Sajjad says:

    Are you ready to relocating Princint 33 to this project. Please first complete your commitment….then show dreams to innocent people.


    Interesting can u register me for the icon island

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