Bahria Town enters into Financial Services Sector

Bahria Town is pleased to announce that after setting the highest standards in the Real Estate sector of Pakistan for two decades, Bahria Town has entered the financial services sector with the same zeal and aim.

Bahria Town has also separately acquired 100% shareholding and management control of Escorts Capital Limited (a Securities Brokerage Company).

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  1. ashraf jamal says:

    i am a citizen of usa and has residence in usa,

  2. mustafa says:

    The facilities and playfield given to Bahria Town has enabled it to reach these heights. They Buy land @Rs 10000/ 4500 sq yards ie Rs.200/sq yds & they sell it for Rs.3000/sq yds. This is Pakistan.


      Sir, I am not a part of Behria Town but look at the land which they purchase and then compare to the land which they provide you and me for living, their is 100% difference between both of these, they invest in that land make it liveable complete the all living amenities and after that everyone has right to get profit in his business. So please leave your comments in this regard too.

  3. Masood Abbas says:

    Congratulations and best of luck

  4. muhammad miskeen says:

    pls i dont understand that property sold by btk on customer is on high rate now they give finace on high interest what will a middle man manage it and btk also has land issue with maleer development authorty on high court has st

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