Bahria Adventura Karachi – Pakistan’s First International Theme Park Opening in 2017

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Bahria Adventura is a world-class Theme Park featuring the most extensive range of thrilling and exciting rides ever witnessed in Pakistan. With architecture reflecting the great adventures of renowned characters such as Sinbad and Aladdin, dive into the fun and adventure, with electrifying roller-coasters, grand castles, great ferris wheel, water-rides, top-class restaurants and much more.

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Bahria Adventura is being built in collaboration with the best Italian manufacturers, featuring countless attractions of the highest standards, to bring you unmatched entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want to take a cheerful train ride to discover each of our unique kingdoms, experience a fall in zero gravity or observe the spectacular nighttime events, you will not want to miss any of the exhilarating adventures that await!

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  1. Kashif says:

    Kujh Khudda ka khof karen…on one side u people even didnt finalize the precent/block for plot holders who timely paid the instalment in BTK but on other side promos & marketing of other projects/events!!! Which is nothing but misguide/mischief.
    You people need to fulfill ur promise & pay attention to finalize final map having all precent (including unmapped), so that people could have confidence & reliance on u..
    Think on it….

  2. MUHAMMAD says:

    PLEASE GIVE THE LOCATION OF “International Theme Park”.

  3. MUHAMMAD says:


  4. shahid says:

    hahahahahhahhahahha….yar 2016 main millenium roots school ki bhi openeing ho rahi thi…khul gaya kiaaaaa?

  5. Muhammad Huzaifa Nadir says:

    Send me the map of the theme park i want to see how it will bring more adventure and fun for all and rides of all kinds

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