100 Days of Bahria Town Karachi Development

100 Days of Bahria Town Karachi Development

Bahria Town Karachi, recently launched project by the Asia’s Largest Real Estate Developers Bahria Town is the The Largest Ever Real Estate Booking in Pakistan.

As Bahria Town is already very well known to the people of Islamabad / Rawalpindi and Lahore for the quality living concept, they have practically proven their slogan of Your Lifestyle Destination with their finished projects. Specially with their upcoming project named Sheraton Golf City on New Murree Expressway, it is one of its kind project. Bahria maintains the quality and the prices are also at premium too. Besides this they delivered many of their projects within time frame while maintaining their quality too.

If you want to Buy/Sell Plot, Bungalow or Apartment in Bahria Town Karachi, Kindly get in touch with CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 or 0321-8299102. You can also email at bahriatowntoday@gmail.com

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Since Bahira Town launched its projects in Karachi, people are expecting the same kind of standard living in Karachi projects. Those who know about its standards and visit these projects, they are very optimistic and those who didn’t witnessed by their own eyes, but believing by word of mouth.

Plus the response Bahria Town got at the time of launching was amazing. People were crazy and it made history. This kind of response was never seen in the Real Estate history of Pakistan, even in their own projects in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore. As Bahria made huge marketing campaign as well but the response seen was unbelievable.

After all this, now it’s Bahria Town time to deliver and as Malik Riaz also committed that they will fulfill all their commitments they did, and people of Karachi who trust on Bahria Town, he will keep that trust as it should be. This thing was also mentioned at the balloting ceremony that was held on 23rd March 2014. In that they only emphasized that on the development work they have plan to do, and will assure that people of Karachi have never seen this kind of development work before and the site of BTK will change its look every week.

Latest Progress Updates of Bahria Town Karachi

Important Points:

Amazingly just after 100 days of start of development, Bahria Town Karachi did a wonderful job, some of the important points are as follows:

  • Entrance Gate work started with huge Gate House.
  • Hospital foundation work started.
  • School building construction started.
  • Apartment site construction started.
  • Grand Mosque work started.
  • Work also started for 6 and 8 Marla Bahria Homes.
  • Grey structure of almost 1200 Homes to be ready by December 2014 in this phase and after this, finishing work will be completed within next six months.
  • Bahria Town Karachi will also start another 2000 Bahria Homes work after Eid 2014.
  • Bahria Town Karachi Head Office work has been started.
  • Enclave of Bahria Head Office and Mid-Way Commercial plots will be completed within 6 months time.
  • Zoo will be ready by next year.
  • Roads infrastructure work is done by Bahria Town own team.
  • First time ever, there will be 400 feet wide Jinnah Avenue and it will be 15 kilometers long. With 6 lanes main road, plus 100 feet service roads, plus another service lane of 50 feet. It will be amazingly 22 vehicles in a one row can move on this 400 feet Jinnah Avenue. And road levels is almost completed and carpeting work will start after Eid.
  • Besides this Jinnah Avenue, the minimum road width of normal streets will be 44 feet wide and this is an extra addition to any housing scheme.
  • Besides the basic infrastructure (Done by Bahria Town) for Bahira Homes, Apartments, Hospital and Masjid; they also hired top class companies like Paragon, UNT, and two other.
  • For the very first time in the history of Real Estate Development in Pakistan, Bahria Town Karachi has already imported around 7 Billion Rupees of brand new machinery for the development of BTK and further it has plans to import more machinery and this amount will climb upto 15 Billion Rupees.
  • On land side, Bahria Town is still in the process of buying more land and they will develop it with unbelievable pace of work.
  • Bahria Town also focus on lot of green areas and lakes to save rain water as well, and to make locality beautiful and worth seeing.
  • They only use 37 % of land for the plots and remaining will be utilized for amenities like park, lakes, road network and etc.

This article is written by Mr. Mohammad Shafi Jakvani (CEO – CITI Associates)

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  1. mazhar says:

    very amazing and impressive pace of development work by bahria town .. prices will move on very sharp soon in sha allah .

  2. Ahmad says:

    Ma Sha Allah.. Really BTK deserves the load of appreciations…

    A really big thanks for Mr. Mohammad Shafi Jakvani (CEO – CITI Associates) for the time and efforts he made in writing this highly valued article..

  3. owais says:

    I really thanks to Mr. Shafi jakvani (CEO- CITI Associates for timely update regarding Baharia Town Karachi.

  4. Shah Nawaz says:

    When is Bahria Town Karachi sending Bank Chalan forms to the allotees for payment of 2nd Installment???

  5. syed says:

    it can not be liveable till all utilities are supplied. it can not happen till 2020.
    this is just a symbolic possession drama ( surkh butti ), all paid marketers are creating a hype about btk but in actual, things will go more down for atleast 2-3 years. Better sell and buy again in 2-3 years or suffer heavy losses.

    • Ahmad says:

      BT is known for its speedy work and delivery before time, and again it is reflected by the current pace of work at BTK.

      it is only six months and give at least six more months it will be a completely different area. Insha Allah.

      As far as prices are concerned, now its gaining potential too. Alhamdulillah.

  6. Aftab says:

    I wanted to sell my 125 sq yds plot and 2 bed room flat…How much is own? ist installment is submitted…

  7. Aftab says:

    I wanted to sell my 125 sq yds plot and 2 bed room flat…How much is own? ist installment is submitted…

  8. Mobeen says:

    what are the fair prices alike these days for 125, 250 and 500 yards residential plot in Bahria Town karachi?

    I am looking to sell all of my plots – if anyone interested, dial me at 0333-2257727

  9. syed says:

    no behria sector has ever got developed in less than 8 years. in some cases, it is taking more than this. how will BT turn folds. this is just a joke.

    forget BTK for atleast 6 years minimum. nothing will happen before 2020.
    poor people who invested in those 4 towers is the air were also put on hold to buy only expensive apartments, homes and commercial plots. what a shame and only paid btk marketers creating a hype. ppl sell and leave or u will regret like all others.

  10. syed says:

    overseas are only investors or looking for a retirement home. It is the sector to be developed at the last.

    dramaybaz BTK is developing it the first, how come without basic utilities , water, gas, electric, refuse, sewage and most of all, health and where will you eat from in that desert.
    only grey structure and symbolic possession. All BTK paid and pay roll dealers creating the hype and increasing normal home rates. Everyone will lose .

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